[Commentary] On June 12, the reporter learned from the emergency rescue headquarters of the "6·10" flooding accident in Dai County, Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province. After repeated checks by the public security organs, the names, hometowns, ID numbers, etc. of 13 trapped persons have been confirmed Basic Information.

According to the person in charge of the underground site rescue, at present, no trapped persons have been found at the scene of the accident.

  On June 12, the reporter saw at the scene of the accident rescue that various rescue forces were working intensively, and rescue and rescue efforts were advancing.

  According to the emergency rescue headquarters of the "6·10" flooding accident in Daixian County, the washed-out roadway in the underground mine has been basically repaired to ensure the smooth flow of emergency rescue roads. The new power supply line is connected to achieve high-power water pump drainage, and the water level drops 3 meters. At the same time, three high-power water pumps have been transported to the well, and new drainage capacity will soon be formed.

  In accordance with the requirements of the headquarters, rescuers have always insisted on "life first" and tried their best to search and rescue the trapped miners.

  On June 10, a water leakage accident occurred in the No. 4 shaft of Dahongcai Iron Mine in Nieying Town, Dai County, and 13 people were trapped.

Dahongcai Iron Mine is a private mining enterprise.

The cause of the flood accident is under investigation.

  Reporter Wang Huilin reports from Xinzhou, Shanxi

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]