Established in 1669, the Paris Opera Ballet boasts the longest history in the world. The first Korean principal dancer was born from this top ballet troupe, which is called the final song of ballet.

Reporter Kim Soo-hyun reports.

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Paris Opera Ballet announced today (11th) early in Korean time that the first dancer, Se-eun Park, has been promoted to Principal Dancer, Etoile.

Etoile, meaning star, is the first Asian principal dancer in the Paris Opera Ballet's 352 year history.

Se-eun Park heard the news of the promotion right after the performance of 'Romeo and Juliet', which was first performed as the ballet company resumed performances after Corona.

All members of the Paris Opera Ballet have five levels.

Se-eun Park joined the group in 2011 after graduating from Han Ye-jong in Korea, and rose to the top in 10 years by starting from the bottom of the group dance.

In 2018, she proved her skills by receiving the Benoit de la Danse Award, the most prestigious award in the dance industry.

[Se-eun Park / Principal Dancer of Paris Opera Ballet (2019): I love dancing, and I want to show the audience a dance that remains in their hearts so much that the ticket price is not wasted.] The

Paris Opera Ballet is a historic Opera Garnier Theater Most of them are performed by French members from their own ballet school.

[Kim Yong-geol/Professor, Korea National University of Arts: The Paris Opera Ballet is a living history itself, and it is the theater where works such as Giselle and La Sylphid were premiered. (I dare say that it is a historic moment for Se-eun Park to become the principal dancer).] A

Korean ballerina, Se-eun Park, who has overcome high barriers with her skills, flew into a new sparkling star from the ballet's final song, the Paris Opera Ballet.

(Video editing: Kim Jong-mi, screen source: Paris Opera Ballet YouTube)