[Explanation] On June 10th, on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, Harbin Northern Forest Zoo carefully prepared beautiful and delicious colorful threads, pouches, boiled eggs, fresh wormwood, and more than ten kinds of delicious food for the animals in the park. Specially made rice dumplings, let the animals spend festivals and enjoy food.

  [Concurrent] Liu Xiaomi, Senior Engineer of Animal Science

  I am holding a box in my hand, which are some of the ingredients we use to make various foods. This banana, jujube, this sugar cube, and ours is wormwood, and then this is a gourd made from small persimmons, and this is The colorful thread, of course, the colorful thread is edible. This is ordinary rice dumplings. The stuffing here is different. If you like meat, we will prepare meat dumplings. If we like to be vegetarian, we will prepare vegetarian stuffing. Er's zongzi, this is a traditional purse.

The theme element of the Dragon Boat Festival, we will all think to the animals, this is a small dumpling for the sika deer. After a while, the sika deer will have a buffet.

  [Explanation] Arabian baboons from Africa will carefully tear down the horse lotus bundles after grabbing the zongzi, open the zong leaves, and quickly eat the delicious fillings.

The hippopotamus, also from Africa, has two big mouths open waiting for the breeder to feed the rice dumplings.

The huge brown bear with its huge head hanging down, shields all interference, carefully licks the delicacy inside, and concentrates on enjoying the food.

The breeder carefully prepared small and exquisite meat dumplings for the two-month-old little wolves.

Eating zongzi with skin can also let the little wolves learn hunting skills, and the whole process allows the little wolves to get full exercise.

The deer in the Asian herbivore distribution area are enjoying these hanging up the Dragon Boat Festival buffet.

  [Concurrent] Liu Xiaomi, Senior Engineer of Animal Science

  These are all made with natural ingredients, so all the hanging things are edible. The deer like it very much. Now, you can see some deer, and they are eating very happily. The deer is a little far away, because the deer is a more neurotic animal. If someone approaches it, it will feel uneasy, and it will quietly move away from you. When it feels that there is no danger, it will only Will come to this location to eat.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Zhongling, the breeder

  Look at that red deer. It likes to eat high leaves. It is not like plum blossoms. Plum blossoms like to eat grass or short branches. It is willing to eat. That deer just likes to be on the edge of the jungle and on the hillside. In the big woods, it feeds on grass and various vegetables.

  Zhou Zhibo reports from Harbin, Heilongjiang

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】