Jodie Foster, who will receive a Palme d'honneur at the Cannes Film Festival next July, is at the heart of a special evening on Arte on Sunday.

On the program, a film and a documentary on the career of the actress and director, which began when the young actress born in Hollywood was only three years old.


An actress as famous as she is discreet.

It is with this approach that Arte celebrates on Sunday evening the actress and director Jodie Foster, when she will receive a Palme d'honneur at the Cannes film festival next July.

The cultural channel broadcasts the film


, the American adaptation of The

Return of Martin Guerre

, then a documentary entitled Jodie "Foster, Hollywood in the skin" which traces the career of the star, from her first commercial at the age of three. to his biggest roles in the movies.

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A child of the ball

The actress, revealed to the general public by her role as a prostitute in

Taxi Driver

, has carved out a remarkable journey, which she owes to her talent and intelligence, but also to the fact that she was born and raised in Hollywood.

"She has known the codes from a very young age, she has always been in this kind of melting pot which has a whole mentality that consists of putting on the stage and managing your own image," said Yal Sadat, co-director of the documentary.

"All this, she understands instinctively, from the age of 3. So she moves away from it, she manages to take distance extremely quickly. All this is natural for her, where many actors who manage to Hollywood later spend their lives chasing the creation of an image or a character. "

Mathieu Kassovitz in voice-over

And her knowledge of Hollywood pushes her to remain discreet about her private life. She never reveals her political opinions or talks about her sexual orientation, far from the habits of other Hollywood figures. "She was traumatized by this culture of narcissism," continues Yal Sadat. "When 

The Silence of the Lambs comes out

, she is accused of participating in a film that would demonize the LGBT community and she is asked to reveal her homosexuality."

In this documentary, it is therefore above all about the filmography of Jodie Foster. Roles and achievements told through the voice of Mathieu Kassovitz. The French actor accepted because he owes a lot to Jodie Foster: it was she who had helped him promote the film

La Haine

 in the United States, contributing to its international fame. Arte broadcasts

Sommersby on 

Sunday evening at 8:50 p.m., the documentary

Jodie Foster, Hollywood in the skin 

is then broadcast at 10:45 p.m. on Arte and is already available online on