Alexandre Astier really knows how to make


fans wait


Or turn up the heat, as you wish.

This Thursday, the director unveiled on Twitter a slew of unseen posters of the film, all featuring a character from the story.

Dagonet (Antoine de Caunes), the Duchess of Aquitaine (Géraldine Nakache), or a newcomer, Horsa (Sting), Alexandre Astier published 18 posters in total, captioned by replicas.

“Go home to your grandmas before it rains…”, warns Karadoc de Vannes, or “The son of Pendragon is back?

Well, let him come, ”says Léodagan de Carmélide.

Enough to revive the appetite of the large community of




It's getting closer…

Kaamelott - Premier Volet

on July 21 at the

Chabat / Duc d'Aquitaine


# Kaamelott #KaamelottPremierVolet # KV1

- Alexandre Astier (@AAstierOff) June 10, 2021

It must be said that they have been desperately waiting for the release of the film adaptation for almost a year already.

Initially scheduled for July 2020, it was postponed to November, then once again because of the re-containment ... This time we dare to hope that it will be the right one, that is to say a theatrical release on the 21st next july.


'Kaamelott' finally has a new theatrical release date


Alexandre Astier: "Kaamelott is a saga which needs the artifice of cinema"

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