It is currently raining in the western areas such as Seoul, and the rain will spread across the country overnight.

In particular, the intensity of rain is expected to be strongest tonight, so be prepared in advance.

If you look at the radar right now, it is raining about 10mm per hour centered on the Jeollanam-do coast and Jeju Island, and a heavy rain warning is in effect.

In the future, the west coast, the south coast, the vicinity of Mt. Jirisan and Jeju Island will be accompanied by heavy rains of 30mm or more per hour and strong winds.

You must be very careful about safety accidents.

Until tomorrow, it is expected that up to 300mm of rain will fall on Jeju Island, and up to 120mm of rain will fall on the Jeollanam-do coast, the southern coast of Gyeongnam, and the vicinity of Mt.

The rain will gradually ease from tomorrow morning, but it will continue into the night in some areas, depending on where you are.

Tomorrow's daytime temperature will be 27 degrees in Seoul, etc., and today it will drop by about 3 degrees.

It will be mostly sunny this weekend, but there will be showers in some places.

(Meteorological Caster Nam Yu-jin)