Are your favorite series going to be renewed?

What are the French novelties of the platform?

The director of French original series at Netflix France, Damien Couvreur, was invited to Europe 1 on Thursday morning in the program "Culture-Médias".

He took stock of the French streaming platform's projects. 

The sequel to the famous



, worn by Omar Sy, will be released on Netflix on Friday.

The opportunity to take stock of the streaming platform's series projects.

The director of French original series at Netflix France, Damien Couvreur, was invited on Europe 1, Thursday morning, in the

Culture-Médias program


He confided some indiscretions at the microphone of Philippe Vandel.


, the new series from Fanny Herrero

If you liked the

Dix Pour Cent series - 

the comedy that stars Grégory Montel, Laure Calamy, Nicolas Maury or even Thibault de Montalembert within the star agency ASK - there is a good chance that you will fall for



The creator of

Dix Pour Cent

returns with a new project, this time placed in the stand-up universe.

The casting remains for the moment rather vague: the main roles will be intended for new talents but some headliners could be present.

“There will really be both stand-up professionals and people just starting out. And then it's the story of people who are successful, who have succeeded, and people who get their feet wet. , the casting will be a reflection of that ", justifies Damien Couvreur.

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Anyway, "the second part of the shoot" is underway, according to the director of French original series at Netflix France.

The series will be released next year.

"Fanny is someone who knows how to take the time to create these stories and who has taken the time to write and develop this first season", explains Damien Couvreur.

Before adding: "Once you've shot, you have to edit, take care of the sound, the image, the music. It takes time".

Several renewed series

Some successful Netflix series will be renewed. Starting with


, of course, Damien Couvreur speaks of a "continuation of the story" at the microphone of Europe 1. The director of French original series at Netflix France also evokes a season 3 for

Family Business

, where a family of butchers interpreted by Jonathan Cohen, Gérard Darmon, Julia Pinatton or even Liliane Rosebe engage in the drug trade through their "beucherie".




, with Carl Malapa (Sofiane), Nemo Schiffman (Victor) and Manon Bresch (Luisa), will have a new season just like the three Parisian friends (Zita Hanrot, Sabrina Ouazani and Joséphine Draï) from

Plan Coeur

. This comedy season should be the last and it will be released in 2021. If we move away from French productions,

Emily in Paris

, the astonishing series by its clichés on France, will soon have a season 2.