While some netizens are complaining about the fact that former soccer player Jeonbuk Hyundai Advisor Park Ji-seong did not publicly express condolences to the late coach Yoo Sang-cheol, former Incheon United manager, Park Ji-sung's wife, former announcer Kim Min-ji, expressed displeasure.

Former announcer Kim Min-ji posted on her YouTube channel community on the 9th and said, "This is not the first time this has happened to me. There have been many people who have sent me such messages for a long time. The life of a human being who was sad because of her husband's hard work and sincerity. Messages to cover, broadcast, and prove.”

He continued, "Among them, I didn't feel the need to respond because most of the absurd requests that came from my childhood egocentric thinking that partial articles or certification shots I encountered were everything in the world, I didn't feel the need to respond. So I didn't give any specific answers. It will not change in the future. No matter how much you ask of me, I can't help it."

The late former director Yoo Sang-cheol passed away on the 7th after battling pancreatic cancer. Many footballers who made the legend of the 2002 World Cup semi-finals went to the mortuary with the deceased. However, Park Ji-sung, who is currently living in London with his family, is practically unable to visit the mortuary. However, some netizens are pouring out nonsensical malicious comments about why he doesn't pay condolences to Park Ji-sung.

Kim Min-ji said, "I'm sorry, but I don't like taking pictures for certification and displaying them. And essentially, no matter what my husband does or doesn't, there's no reason to report to those who don't know who they are, the realm of the individual where there are no legal, moral, ethical issues. There is absolutely nothing to me or my husband." "In the world, in a person's life, there are many things happening other than articles appearing and posting on social media. It's a natural thing. I hope you take it for granted."

Then he said, "Prove your sadness? To certify by publishing a condolence article? Take a photo of harmony? What kind of world do you live in? Please don't say anything strange."

Kim Min-ji, who expressed her absurd feeling in writing, apologized to YouTube subscribers who would be tired of this and announced that they would delete the post soon, and actually deleted the post after a while.

[Photo = Kim Min-ji's Instagram]

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)