Boy enters the women's locker room?

"Children don't understand" is not a shield

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  On the morning of June 8th, according to media reports, a Weibo netizen broke the news: There were more than one women in the locker room of a swimming pool in a certain place with their sons coming in every day!

They are all in their teens!

The long height is big.

These boys also bathe with women.

The female netizen also claimed that the boy was peeked in the bath, but the staff said that the little boy was still too small, and the boy’s mother choked back. “The child doesn’t understand it, you Jingui is afraid to watch it!”

  In recent years, boys' entry into women's private places has caused controversy many times. Such topics have considerable discussion value.

  In reality, in most families, mothers do spend more time with their children.

For the convenience of taking care of their children, many mothers sometimes take boys into women's toilets, women's locker rooms and other private spaces for women when they go out.

"Moms" are indeed convenient, but few people realize that their "convenience" has added "inconvenience" to others.

  "Convenience" does not mean "appropriate". What is behind similar behaviors is that some parents despise the "gender education" of their children.

Few parents among them are aware of the psychological impact this approach will bring to their children, and the curiosity of boys and girls far exceeds the imagination of adults.

  Some psychologists pointed out that children should enter the bathhouse of the same sex from the age of three.

Parents are indispensable when taking children to use public and private spaces. The father takes the boy and the mother takes the girl. It is a good enlightenment and education for the child to establish gender awareness and protection awareness from an early age.

  Regarding the problem of taking boys into the women’s bathroom, someone once proposed to set up a third bathroom and a family bathroom to solve the problem.

At present, many large shopping malls have been set up, but the problem does not seem to have been resolved. In the final analysis, it still lies in the lack of the most basic consensus in society.

  In addition, some institutions actively prohibit boys from entering and women’s locker rooms, women’s toilets, and women’s bathhouses, instead of encountering conflicts, "big things are turned into small things," and vague attitudes cannot solve the problem.

  After all, always thinking about how old a child is to be taken into a bathhouse of the opposite sex is not the root of the problem.

It is not that children do not have "gender awareness", but that adults do not take the boundaries of public space seriously.

  □Ding Hui (media person)