The Garosero Research Institute revealed the face and company of actress Choi Ji-woo's husband.

On the 9th, the YouTube channel 'Garo Sero Research Institute' (hereinafter 'Ka Se-yeon') uploaded a video titled "Han Ye-seul unconditionally NO!!!".

Celebrity YouTuber Kim Yong-ho mentioned the video that Han Ye-seul had previously released on her YouTube channel and evaluated, "I waited and watched the rebuttal. But there is no sincerity."

On this day, Han Ye-seul answered the rumors about her boyfriend and herself raised by Kim Yong-ho in a candid way through a 20-minute video.

Kim Yong-ho mentioned the number of men Han Ye-seul had dated after coming to Korea, and also mentioned a man he did not disclose.

On this day's broadcast, Choi Ji-woo's husband was also exposed. Earlier in the broadcast, Kim Yong-ho implied that the person who introduced her current boyfriend to Han Ye-seul was Choi Ji-woo.

After turning the topic to the story of Choi Ji-woo's husband, Kim Yong-ho released the current picture, the name after the change of name, and information on the business being operated.

He looked at the past photos and said, "Look at the pose. Isn't it really cool?" After saying, "Han Ye-seul had to benchmark her older sister Choi Ji-woo, so she set up a business for her husband and did everything."

He also released another photo, saying, "I recently received a shocking report about Choi Ji-woo's husband."

Choi Ji-woo got married in March 2018. Her husband's face was not revealed at the time. As the media inquiries flooded in, Choi's agency said, "Choi Ji-woo's husband is a representative of an application company based on the 'O2O (online to offline)' platform, who is 9 years younger than him. This is because we judged that things could be a burden to each other by giving us preconceived notions." "I respectfully ask you to refrain from making baseless speculations."

The couple had their first daughter in 2020. Choi Ji-woo recently opened an SNS and shared her happy life with her daughter.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)