The CSU general secretary

Markus Blume

pleads for a sharp demarcation from the AfD, but wants to make content-related offers to their voters.

“You should never give someone up in a democracy,” said Blume in the FAZ podcast for Germany.

As a union, one has to see that one becomes “able to connect again” among the party's electorate.

It is about penetrating into the caves of opinion on the Internet in order to lead a fact-based discourse there.

“You shouldn't say: certain worries and hardships are not allowed,” said Blume.

Timo Steppat

Editor in politics.

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    "Anyone who no longer wants to make an effort to reach certain groups of voters makes themselves smaller and smaller in the long run," he said, but the aim of the Union must be to position itself as broadly as possible.

    A people's party must address as many people as possible - including AfD voters.

    Cooperation with the AfD is prohibited, as Saxony-Anhalt has also shown.

    "The AfD is a collection of right-wing extremists and some right-wing extremists - that's why only one thing is right as far as the AfD is concerned: They fight, they ask and see that we get them out of parliaments."

    The historian

    Ilko-Sascha Kowalczuk

    , who speaks about authoritarian views in East Germany and sees many problems in the lack of historical reappraisal in the GDR,

    is also a guest on the podcast


    The head of the Berlin office

    Eckart Lohse

    talks about whether Armin Laschet can benefit from the success in Saxony-Anhalt, FAZ correspondent

    Reinhard Bingener

    explains what people in the state appreciate about Reiner Haseloff.

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