A question asked by many media stations, and repeated by the political elites, as the Egyptian media and those who support it in the region are trying to promote the idea that Egypt has returned to lead the region and play its role, just because it was summoned urgently to participate in the unconditional temporary halt to the Hamas rocket attacks that It has developed and threatens the national security of the entity, and may cause an earthquake in the region's arrangements, which have been preparing for years to complete normalization procedures and pass the deal of the century and the unified capital.

This is taking place in parallel with projects and programs that undermine and dismantle the living major states in the region and turn them into semi-states or failed states as a result of several programmes, including causing them to fall into the clutches of a meaningless civil war, or undermining and internally dismantling the components of the economy, dragging the state into the clutches of debts and the conditions and obligations of creditors and imposing Wills backed by international laws and institutions, to dismantle the state and sell its parts so that the people wake up to foreign tutelage offices running a failed failed state that borrows to eat and live.

The play ends with the inauguration of the entity as a leader and director of the region, which has turned into a number of cantons affiliated with mediation companies affiliated with the United States, the entity and some European countries.

We need concrete tools and specific conditions and criteria for measurement, and to clarify and confirm the truth with evidence and proof of what is presented to the minds and peoples of the owners of the Arab region that Egypt has truly returned to its natural position necessary to lead and manage the region, or is it a smoke bomb and an attempt to numb and blind the minds

Undoubtedly, all those who are loyal to the interests and future of the region, and indeed its stability and the world, want Egypt to return to its strength, position, leadership and leadership in the region because that is good for them, and it is also the strategic guarantee to achieve a relative balance between the three ongoing projects of the entity, Iran and Turkey to lead the region, meaning that Egypt is strong, leading, independent The leader of the region fills a large vacant void in the absence of a fourth Arab project that achieves the only guarantor of stability and the interests of peoples, because as it is known, if deterrence and balance are absent and one of the projects dominates, the unknown will be the fate of the owners of other projects.

Therefore, we need concrete tools and specific conditions and criteria for measurement, and to clarify and confirm the truth with evidence and proof of what is presented to the minds and peoples of the owners of the Arab region that Egypt has truly returned to its natural position necessary to lead and manage the region, or is it a smoke bomb and an attempt to numb and blind the minds of nearly 400 million people are the total population of the region and its original owners and who will bear the consequences of what is happening in the region.

Therefore, very briefly, I will set standards that we can measure and use to answer ourselves this saying and the hypothesis that was put forward and try to pass it on the Arab mind through the major media in the region and certain elites who are chosen and open the way for them.

First: What are the conditions and criteria for a country to lead the region?

  • To enjoy comprehensive self-power and economic and political stability that support its deterrence capacity.

  • To be committed to preserving the identity of the region and its Arab and religious depth, which represents the popular mood of the region’s owners.

  • To have a major role in preserving the higher interests of the countries and peoples of the region, especially those that suffer from major challenges and problems, as in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen, and facing their crises and inter-related problems, as in the crisis of the Moroccan Sahara, or with its neighbors, as in the Kurds of Iraq and Syria...etc.

  • To be a key factor for the unity of the countries of the region, and to mobilize them to face their challenges, and to have a great role in preserving the unity of its two regional entities, such as the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Arab Maghreb Union, and to be an impenetrable bulwark against the transgressions of their aspirants and those outside the Gulf and Arab ranks.

  • To own an Arab project, or to work on creating a unified Arab project to confront the three Safavid, Zionist and Turkish projects to control the region.

Conditions and criteria for Egypt's return to its leading position and its role in leading the region

First, internal conditions and standards:

  • The real and decisive confrontation with the Renaissance Dam file, and raising the threat to Egyptian national security.

  • Preserving the major economic assets and pillars of the Egyptian economy, and stopping their dismantling and collapse for the sake of the foreign investment sector that threatens the independence of the Egyptian economic and political will.

  • Stopping unjustified debt programs, which in Egypt amounted to nearly $150 billion, which are rapidly increasing quarterly, through government surprises, the details of which are not disclosed, nor the reasons for new loan programs until it became obligatory for Egypt to secure $21.4 billion in external commitments only in 2021.

  • Restoring the unity of the social structure and the single national identity of the Egyptian society, and unifying the components of the Egyptian society on a single, clear-cut national project with specific steps and results.

    Promote and protect public freedoms and rights, end the file of political tension, and restore social security and stability.

Secondly, external conditions and standards

  • Playing neutral roles for issues of resolving inter-problems and disputes between the Arab countries and each other, and not slipping because Egypt is a party, a cause or a party to the conflict.

  • Playing a real Egyptian-Arab role that expresses the beliefs, identity, rights and interests of the Palestinian people and the Arab peoples behind it in the struggle with the Zionist entity, and maintaining it is an Arab-Zionist struggle that the Palestinians and the resistance stand in the forefront, but it is the struggle of all Arabs over their sanctities and their rights in Palestine, and not to be reduced to a Palestinian conflict Zionist, then a conflict between the resistance and the entity, which harms the interests of the entire issue and represents frank cooperation for the opponent's account.

  • Lifting the siege and opening the Rafah crossing, the only outlet to the besieged Palestinian people in Gaza, and not maneuvering, trading, pressure, or political blackmail on behalf of the opponent.

  • Active participation in a plan to block, neutralize and limit the suspicious movements and activities of the UAE, which is declared and confirmed as a threat to the security and stability of many Arab countries, particularly Yemen, Sudan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Egypt itself.

  • Speeding up the restoration of full normal relations with the State of Qatar, enhancing integration with it as a key partner in supporting and stabilizing the region, and promoting the end of the Qatar blockade crisis and purification of all its repercussions and effects.

  • Opening the way to restoring Turkish relations as an important primary partner in managing the region’s files, and achieving relative balance with Iran and the entity in accordance with the common Arab vision of the leaders of Arab countries.

I think that this is all that every Arab who is jealous of the interest of his Arab nation wishes for, and is passionate about the return of the great leader, Egypt, to leadership, or the real strong participation of the region with the participation of the rest of the Arab countries in crisis and emerging from it.