Tickets, diving, train tickets are popular

  The Dragon Boat Festival outing "3-hour travel circle" is on fire

  With the Dragon Boat Festival approaching, many OTA platforms have released big data for the 2021 Dragon Boat Festival. One phenomenon attracts attention: there is an oversupply of air tickets during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. Except for the hot air routes of Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing and other hot cities, the inbound and outbound routes are more popular. There are currently a large number of discounted air tickets on some routes, and there are even routes where the price of air tickets has dropped by more than 60% compared with the price of May 1st.

As the last short holiday in the first half of this year-has the enthusiasm for traveling during the Dragon Boat Festival "cooled down"?

  On June 6th, a reporter from Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News found that unlike the phenomenon of both the passenger flow and the price drop of air tickets, it is difficult to find a ticket for popular train tickets.

“This year’s Dragon Boat Festival will be off for three consecutive days. Compared with the May 1st long-term tour, consumers are mostly short- and medium-distance trips. Nearly 50% of tourists sign up for nearby tours within 300 kilometers.” Industry analyst Fang Zeqian of Ctrip Research Institute believes that consumption The enthusiasm of tourists to travel has not slowed down, and it is expected that the number of tourists for the Dragon Boat Festival this year will reach 100 million.

The radius of "flying" has narrowed, the travel circle has shrunk, and the "3-hour" travel circle has become the preferred way of travel. This not only affects tourism consumption factors such as air tickets and hotels, but also how to make tourists spend money in "3 hours" has also become a different The new proposition that cities stimulate tourism consumption.

  New phenomenon

  Beijing to Hangzhou

  The minimum air ticket is 300 yuan

  On June 5th, Mr. Liu wanted to book a ticket from Beijing to Hangzhou during the Dragon Boat Festival. He logged into multiple travel apps and found that the ticket price was “unimaginable” compared to the May Day holiday, and the lowest discount for economy class was only 1.3% off. And the ticket amount is very sufficient. "Compared with the full-price ticket of around 2,400 yuan during the May Day period, it is difficult to find a ticket. The price of the ticket during the Dragon Boat Festival is only 300 yuan, which is a little different.

  Data from multiple platforms show that this year’s Dragon Boat Festival holiday is mainly short-distance trips such as family visits and vacations.

However, unlike May Day’s full-price tickets sold out early, most Dragon Boat routes, including some popular routes, generally have discount tickets of around 50% off, and there are plenty of ticket sources.

  According to the data of booking tickets for the Dragon Boat Festival on the same journey, the peak passenger flow at domestic civil aviation airports during the Dragon Boat Festival is expected to occur on June 11 and June 13, respectively, the day before the holiday and the second day of the holiday. The average airfare for the entire Dragon Boat Festival is The price has dropped by about 30% compared with the May Day holiday this year, and the average ticket price is about 670 yuan.

Among them, the air ticket the day before the holiday is the most expensive, with an average price of 742.3 yuan.

During the Dragon Boat Festival, the most popular domestic routes of civil aviation are mainly Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Kunming and other cities with the largest passenger flow.

  At present, the supply of domestic air tickets exceeds demand, which is the most fundamental reason for the "big dive" of air tickets during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday.

The person in charge of the same journey told reporters that due to the relatively low proportion of long-distance travel demand during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the overall supply of domestic air tickets has exceeded demand recently.

After the May Day holiday, the approach of the college entrance examination and senior high school entrance examination in June has also squeezed the travel demand of some students and passengers, so passenger flow and air ticket prices have dropped to a certain extent.

  new trend

  Within 300 km travel radius

  Accommodation "Volume and Price Rising"

  Contrary to the decline in the passenger flow and price of civil aviation air tickets, train tickets are very in short supply before the Dragon Boat Festival this year.

On the first day of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday on June 12, tickets for many high-speed trains from Beijing to Zhengzhou, Jinan, Wuhan and other directions have been robbed.

The same journey forecasts that Chongzuo-Nanning, Beijing-Handan, Shenzhen-Puning, Chengdu-Nanchong, Chongqing-Fengdu, Zhengzhou-Luoyang, Nanchang-Fuzhou, Shanghai-Nanjing, etc. will be the short- and medium-distance routes with the largest passenger flow during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. High-speed rail lines.

  Equally hot, there are also hotels and homestays that travel around.

The "2021 Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Travel Trend Report" released by shows that short- and medium-distance tours are still the mainstream of this year's Dragon Boat Festival. The number of consultations and bookings for quality resort hotels around some first- and second-tier cities has increased, especially in Shanghai. Quality hotels and vacation homes around cities such as Hangzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, and Huzhou are particularly popular. Reservations continue to rise, and prices have risen by more than 50%. Internet celebrity hotels are already "hard to find a room."

  “This year’s Dragon Boat Festival will be off for 3 days. Compared with May Day, long-distance trips have cooled down. Consumers are mainly short- and medium-distance trips.” According to the analysis of the relevant person in charge of Ctrip, data from Ctrip shows that currently nearly 50% of tourists sign up within 300 kilometers. Tour around the province; over 60% of tourists choose to travel within the province.

This also means that the average acceptable upper limit for the travel time of tourists for the three-day holiday is 6 hours, and the "3-hour" travel circle is the choice of most tourists.

  New exam questions

  How do major cities make tourists

  Spend money in "three hours"?

  The “flying” radius is narrowed and the travel circle is reduced, which has also brought new tests for each destination city: same-city tours and intra-provincial tours have become the main travel methods, and the main source of tourists has changed from "strangers" to "familiar tourists". "Are the conventional tourism products still attractive?

How can tourists spend their money in "three hours"?

  In fact, through the booking of tourism products for the Dragon Boat Festival this year, we can see the new demand in the tourism market.

Ctrip compared the order data of popular scenic spots during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday in 2019 and 2021, and released the top ten "dark horse" scenic spots around the Dragon Boat Festival holiday this year. They are Nanjing Maya Beach Water Park (increased by 32 times) and Hangzhou Rotten Apple Park (increased by 30 times) , Pingxiang Wugong Mountain Scenic Area (increased by 27 times), Nantong Forest Wildlife Park (increased by 15 times), Chaka Salt Lake (increased by 14 times), Xining Taer Temple (increased by 11.5 times), Nanning Longmen Water Capital (increased by 8.5 times) , Sanxingdui Museum (increased by 8 times), Yunshang Grassland (increased by 7.6 times) and Fanjing Mountain (increased by 6 times).

  From the perspective of outbound tourist group portraits, tourists are showing a younger trend, especially among the "post-80s" group, nearly 50% are parent-child trips. The orders for parent-child generations born in 1980s are more than twice that of parent-child generations born in 1990s. At the same time, customized tours, Compared with the same period in 2019, themed tours are more popular. Among them, the order volume of customized tours has increased by nearly 30%, and the order volume of themed tours has increased by 365%, becoming a new consumption hotspot.

  In addition to the quiet rise of peripheral travel, "hotel-style vacation" is another major change in consumer travel.

Choose a resort hotel, take the hotel as a destination for 2-3 days of in-depth travel, and the "hotel-style vacation" approach of one-stop consumption of food, lodging and play is sought after by people.

Ctrip data shows that the number of hotel bookings around the Dragon Boat Festival increased by about 30% compared with the same period in 2019.

It is worth mentioning that compared to the May 1st Golden Week, the quality of outings has been upgraded again. The Dragon Boat Festival bookings accounted for nearly 50% of high-star hotels, which is an increase of nearly 10% compared to the 40% of 51st.

  The small and long holidays are small and refined. New tourism consumption scenes, younger travel trends, and higher quality requirements for tourism products have become the mainstream consumer demand in the "3-hour" travel circle. It is foreseeable that this is also a tourist destination. The key for cities to stimulate tourism consumption in surrounding areas and in-province.

Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Correspondent Li Yanqin