[Commentary] On June 5th, the "Charming Harbin Summer" cultural tourism activity and Harbin Wetland Festival opened at Harbin Qunli Dejia Wharf. This event will set up three sub-venues, the parade of floats on Central Street, and the piano waltz of the Grand Theater The exotic sceneries of Volga Manor and Volga Manor are all splendid, which promotes the development and seamless connection of Harbin's cultural and tourism industry in all seasons.

  [Explanation] At the opening ceremony, Harbin professional art groups and singers sang songs with Harbin elements through artistic methods such as songs, dances, musicals, etc., highlighting Harbin's open and inclusive, fashionable and western-style city characteristics, and a famous summer city with green mountains and green waters The eco-tourism resources and the cultural heritage of the world famous music city.

  [Explanation] The reporter saw that the performers in brightly colored costumes actively interacted with the audience and guests at the event, conveying joy and joy, and igniting the enthusiasm of the audience.

  [Concurrent] Zhou Rui, actor of Harbin Sunac Park interpretation

  The significance of our coming here to participate in the performance is to hope that there will be more tourists, attract more citizens, and the broad masses of people to visit our wetland park. I hope everyone can appreciate the beauty of our Harbin wetland culture.

  [Explanation] Water performances were also added to the opening ceremony, including a fancy motorboat formation composed of multiple motorboats.

  The stunts on the water trapeze performances and the cruise performances of yachts and sails, which are powered by motorboats, are spectacular, intense and exciting, allowing the audience to experience the charm of the wetland in many ways.

  [Concurrent] Tourist Mr. Yao

  I am a native of Harbin. I have time to go out on weekends, and then come to this park. I happen to participate in this wetland festival and feel the overall shock of this wetland festival.

I often go out on weekends and then go to the park. Then I have been to other parks in the wetland park. I believe that when I have time, I will definitely take my family and friends to visit and experience this wetland park.

  [Explanation] It is understood that the "Charming Harbin Summer" cultural tourism activity starts in June each year and ends in the "Eleventh" Golden Week. It is to create a summer city that integrates tourism, culture, economy and trade, exhibitions, sports and other elements Tourism brand.

This year's event launched three chapters: "Romantic Spring", "Summer Songs" and "Colorful Autumn Rhymes", which respectively host spring, summer and autumn activities, forming a closed loop with the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival in winter.

  [Explanation] "Harbin Wetland Festival" is an important part of the "Charming Harbin Summer" series of cultural tourism activities. This year, with "One Belt Five Points" as the main line, that is, the "Songhua River" area, it will drive the Sun Island Wetland and the Binjiang Wetland , One lake and three islands, Volga Manor, Baiyupao Wetland, the ecological development of the five wet floor blocks, fully demonstrating Harbin's wetland tourism resources.

  Li Jiangming, original Ziqi, Sun Hanlun, Harbin, Heilongjiang, reporting

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]