, Nanchang, June 6 (Reporter Li Yunhan) Regarding the suspected leaks of the unified examination subjects in the 2021 general college entrance examination held in Jiangxi Province on June 5, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education responded on June 6: it has immediately reported to the public security The agency reports the case and will strictly investigate and deal with it in accordance with laws and regulations.

  It is understood that a total of 59,900 candidates have signed up for the 2021 college promotion exam for ordinary colleges and universities in Jiangxi Province to be held on June 5th, and a total of 39 colleges and universities have participated in enrollment.

  Some netizens broke the news on social media that in the exam on June 5, a school teacher wrote the answer directly on the door of the toilet. Almost everyone in the same exam room went to the toilet, and the examinee was on WeChat during the exam. The group received the answers to the test questions.

  Regarding this situation, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education issued a statement on its official website on June 6, stating that the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education attaches great importance to the suspected leaks in the unified examination subjects of the 2021 college promotion examination in Jiangxi Province. Strictly investigate and punish in accordance with regulations.