There have been a series of accidents in which a child falls while brushing his teeth and the tip of his toothbrush sticks in his throat or mouth, causing injury.

The Consumer Affairs Agency warns that "while brushing your teeth, parents should watch over you."

According to the Consumer Affairs Agency, there were 120 accidents involving toothbrushes in children under the age of 6 reported by medical institutions nationwide in the five years up to March, and hospitalizations and outpatients were reported. Approximately two-thirds of all cases are needed.

In actual accidents, there were conspicuous cases of falling while brushing teeth, cases where the toothbrush stuck in the throat due to the toothbrush covering from behind, and cases where the toothbrush was hospitalized for 11 days, and playing with the handle of the toothbrush in kindergarten. It means that there are cases where you get stuck in your mouth when you are out.

When brushing teeth, the Consumer Affairs Agency avoids sofas and chairs that may fall over and sits on the floor, and parents and guardians beside them to behave unexpectedly, including children around them. We are calling for things like watching over.

It is also important to utilize products designed to prevent accidents, such as those with a soft tip that bends to absorb impact and those that do not easily penetrate into the throat.

Yoshifumi Ayuzawa, Chief of the Consumer Affairs Agency's Consumer Safety Division, said, "From the 4th to the 10th of this month, it is'Tooth and Mouth Health Week'. I want it. "