That those responsible for

Reyes de la Noche

publicly distance themselves from Jose María García is a logical strategy

. The mythical announcer does not come out too well in the Movistar + series. It is what makes the series good: its characters are complex and well drawn and some of the strokes of Paco el Cóndor (Javier Gutiérrez) go from

the popular mythology of Supergarcía

to the fiction of Adolfo Valor and Cristóbal Garrido with hardly any intermediary . Paco and

Jota (a Miki Esparbé in the best role of his career)

are translated from home. That

Kings of the night

use them freely then does not take away so that their

real references are very clear


On the other hand, what was José María García up to?

That a series on the Spanish sports radio of the early nineties obviated his figure?

Can you imagine that fiction had "forgotten" it?

Kings of the night

is not



the era it portrays is not just an aesthetic.

And it will not be because it is not achieved and is 100% recognizable.

But it's not the most important.

Garrido and Valor only use it as an anchor for

a story of unbalanced egos

, the immeasurable and powerful Paco and the pretended Jota.

Aesthetics, like football, is not the important thing in the series.

It is repeated that of

Arde Madrid


Perfect Life


the "small" series saves the season for Movistar +


Although some old radio glory has had his ears ringing and mayonnaise cut off watching it.

It is what you have to know well deciphered on a screen.

It is the dream and the nightmare of anyone:

that you are considered so important as to become someone who is not you but everyone knows that you are.

Be iconic level that they do a series about you.

About Paco el Cóndor, quicir.

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