Man detained for throwing clothes on the 20th floor and smashing glass on the 4th floor on suspicion of throwing objects at height

  The reporter recently learned from the police in Huidong County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province that on May 27, the Yucheng Police Station of the Huidong County Public Security Bureau cracked a high-altitude projectile case and arrested one suspect.

  According to the police, at 8 o'clock on May 27, the Yucheng Police Station of the Public Security Bureau of Huidong County received an alarm from the public that someone in Mingyang Wenyuan District had thrown objects at high altitude and damaged the glass and floor tiles of the open-air balcony, and requested the public security organs to investigate and deal with it.

  The Yucheng Police Station immediately dispatched police officers to the scene of the incident to investigate.

It was verified that between 0:00 and 1:00 on May 27, Duan (male), who lives in Mingyang Wenyuan Community, was angrily removed cosmetics, clothes, trousers, drying racks and other items from his house on the 20th floor due to a family dispute. The window of the toilet was dropped, causing various damages to the glass and floor tiles in the glass room of the open-air living terrace of the two residents on the fourth floor.

  According to the Huidong County police, this case is the first high-altitude throwing case in Huidong County.

  The criminal suspect Duan Moumou's behavior of throwing home items from the 20th floor due to a family dispute has violated Article 291 bis of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China and is suspected of the crime of throwing objects at height.

Duan XX has been criminally detained by the public security organs in accordance with the law, and the case is currently being further processed.

  Huidong Public Security solemnly reminds the general public that throwing objects at height is an illegal and criminal act, and you should not try the law yourself.

We must develop a good habit of civilized life, eliminate high-altitude throwing objects, and jointly create a safe and harmonious living environment.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Correspondent Jiang Long