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Come on, do we take a look at the TV news?

The number of the week

A box, a phenomenon ... A miracle? We don't even know how to qualify



. TF1 communicated this week the final scores of the series worn by Audrey Fleurot and they are hardly credible in an audiovisual landscape fragmented by streaming platforms. In total, the eight episodes attracted 11.5 million viewers, including an average of two million people in replay.

These figures had not been reached by a series for sixteen years and the broadcast of


, the summer saga led by Ingrid Chauvin.


can even boast of being quite simply the third most watched French series in the history of television since the new audience measurements of Médiamétrie launched in 1989. It makes you dizzy.

The instant zapping

With the deconfinement, it is the return of glasses on the terrace, good films at the cinoche and… inconvenience between neighbors.

One of the first to pay the price is the program

C à Vous

, broadcast on France 5. To celebrate the return to freedom, the program has decided to resume its famous dinners by relocating them to a nearby garden. from the studio, which obviously did not please everyone ...

📢 Finally, it's not so bad that this Neighbors Day is postponed… # Cà Vous @BChameroy #MOINSFORT pic.twitter.com/jFmlMsmcsR

- C to you / 6 at home (@ cavousf5) May 28, 2021

The shock sentence

A reduction in remuneration "impossible to bear".

These words are those of Nathalie Fellonneau, media lawyer of the Paris bar, about her departure from

It can happen to you


The lawyer had participated in Julien Courbet's show since 2001, but had disappeared from RTL and M6 antennas since the start of the school year.

“The year before, I had been imposed a 25% reduction and there, I was offered almost 75% less.

It didn't even pay me my credit!

It was impossible, ”she revealed about her compensation in

The Luxury Moment

on Non Stop People.

Nathalie Fellonneau also confided that she suffered from depression after leaving.

The "popcorn" info

She plunges into the bath of realization. For the first time, Alexandra Lamy will be behind the camera to shoot


, a fiction intended to be broadcast on TF1. The story will feature the struggle of women victims of sexual violence. Among them, we will find Mélanie Doutey, Claudia Tagbo but also Chloé Jouannet, the daughter of the neo-director.

Take inspiration from the end of the world to make a drama and two comedies, that's what the francetv slash teams have decided to do. To "celebrate" the ten years of the alleged catastrophe expected on December 21, 2012 according to Mayan predictions, the platform has decided to shoot a collection of three films. What do they have in common? Ask "how we would behave if we were threatened or had experienced a cataclysmic situation," said the statement. Broadcast scheduled for the end of 2022, if the end of the world has not fallen on our heads before.

New recruit for TF1.

According to information from


, Hélène Mannarino will be on the front page this summer to host

Le grand quiz

, a new program in which the public will be invited to test their knowledge on several topics including "the driver's license or even TV culture".

Hopefully you will be able to answer some of these questions with

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Christophe Dechavanne lands on C8 and takes over from Cyril Hanouna



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": The" Quotidien "team taken to task during an anti-vaccine event

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