Son Jung-min's death, the truth?

SBS'I want to know it' aired on the 29th, shed light on'the death of the late Son Jung-min' under the subtitle'Suspects, memories, and rumors-The secret of the death of a college student who disappeared from the Han River.'

On the 16th, people who wanted to know the truth flocked to Banpo Han River Park in Seoul. They felt heartbreaking at Son Jung-min's death and wanted to know the truth about his death. And parents who lost their only son who wanted to know the truth more than anyone else, and the only thing that had to be broken down.

On April 24, Jung Min left the house saying he was going to meet a friend. His father didn't worry much about his adult college son going out. Then, at around 1:20 am, Jung Min contacted his mother about eating pork belly with a friend in the Han River, and fell asleep in peace.

However, around 5:28 am the next day, the mother of a friend who was going to meet with Jeong-min contacted him that he should look for him, and around 5:30, Jung-min's parents hurried to the Han River Park. And I called my son, but it was my son's friend A who got the call. I got my cell phone back from Mr. A and found my son, but I couldn't find his son anywhere.

Jung-min's parents looked at CCTV after reporting the disappearance to the police. The son was photographed heading to the Hangang Park with his friend, but only his friend was photographed as he exited the park. Desperately waiting for his son, he hung banners all over the place to find witnesses and waited for his son to return, waiting for a call.

And on April 30 on the fifth day of the disappearance, Cha Jong-wook, a private rescuer who was looking for Jeong-min with the same heart. He and his rescue dog were wandering looking for Jeong-min. He checked the strange objects on the river and ordered the rescue dog O2 to approach, and what O2 found was the dead Jungmin's body.

Jung-min, who was found at 4:28 pm on April 30th, was dressed in the same clothes as when he left the house, and without sneakers. The police requested an autopsy to reveal the cause of death to the National Fruit Tree, and as a result of the analysis, the cause of death was presumed to be drowned.

No drugs or poisons of any kind were detected, and there were no fractures, but two wounds were found in the occipital region. Accordingly, a forensic scientist analyzed, "It is caused by dull force in terms of size, degree, and aspect. It cannot be considered that this is related to the cause of death." Another expert added, "Carefully, the autopsy can be seen as occurring during the acquisition process.

However, Jung Min's father was still suspicious. He replied that the cause of his son's drowning could not be determined by an autopsy alone, saying, "It is not known whether or not the guk fruit is drowned, and how it fell out is not known at the guk fruit tree. But there is a place where it cannot be stumbled."

And the day after the autopsy, the father revealed that he had met Mr. A and his family. So, my father asked me to tell the story of the time I met my son and broke up, as it was okay if it was a trivial thing. Then Mr. A said, "I bought a drink at a convenience store and went to the Hangang Park to spend time. But I am too drunk, so I only vaguely remember a few scenes." In addition, Mr. A said, "After dragging Jung-min, who fell down while running, to the mat, I was drunk and slept and repeated. Then I tried to wake him up several times. Then, when I opened my eyes, I couldn't see Jung-min, so I took a taxi back home. I came," he added.

And Jungmin's father revealed that it was uncomfortable that Mr. A abandoned the shoes he wore on the day of the incident. In addition, it was difficult to convince that it seemed that the cell phone was deliberately hidden even though he knew that it had changed. And I felt sorry that this might not have happened in the first place if A had contacted me right away at the time I spoke to my father. In addition, Jung Min's father said he wanted to know what the purpose of his family's visit to the Han River Park and why his son died drowning.

"We want the truth, so we asked him to reveal how his son got in. If it turns out to be clear, we will certainly accept the truth we don't want."

Accordingly, the broadcast decided to organize the timeline of the day based on the messages, videos, receipts of purchases, CCTV, and witnesses' testimonies that the two exchanged in a situation full of suspicion.

On the day of the incident, Mr. A contacted Jung Min at around 9:30, and the two had a sudden meeting at the Han River Park. We met in front of the cathedral at around 10:53, bought a drink with Mr. A's card at a convenience store, passed the rabbit hole, and headed to Hangang Park, and after buying an additional snack at a convenience store inside the Hangang Park, we also bought a mat and chocolate milk.

And when they were away from the mat, the two bought additional alcohol and a cell phone charging cable. And around 1:30 in the morning, I bought another drink. A total of 9 bottles of alcohol were purchased by the two on this day. Then the two left the convenience store and suddenly ran to somewhere. The place they headed for was to meet the driver who delivered the food they ordered. In response, the delivery driver said of the two at the time, "They are both drunk a lot, and both of them seemed to be reminded."

After returning to the mat, the two took photos and videos together, and shared wireless earphones one by one, dancing and singing. The two spent a long time drinking together. And after that, only the actions of Mr. A were recorded on the CCTV, but it was difficult to find the image of Mr. Jung Min.

And the production crew met an informant who seemed to have seen Jung Min at the time. Having visited the Han River Park with a friend, he said that he witnessed a person behaving unusually. The informant said, "One of the people was standing and it looked weird. I kept staggering, fell down, got up, and repeated actions. I thought the clothes were patient clothes, but it wasn't a patient. I was wearing a patterned shirt."And I remembered that the left shoulder and back of the arm were a little wet at the time.

Afterwards, other witnesses appeared, but there were no specifics. Then, would the taxi driver carrying Mr. A that day know something? Accordingly, the production crew attempted an interview with a taxi driver. The taxi driver said that the point where Mr. A took the taxi was in front of the terminal, a 10-minute walk from Rabbit Cave. And the taxi driver explained to Mr. A, "It was just a normal guest. It was just a smell of alcohol."

And the production crew decided to listen to the position of Mr. A and his family through a lawyer. The lawyer said, "One of the many misunderstandings is that Mr. A remembers selectively and advantageously, but he cannot remember the circumstances that could be advantageous to him. It was not that he remembered the time, but that the time came later in line with objective data," he said. "It's just that."

And about the reason for returning to the Han River Park with his parents, he said, "Mr. A does not remember and is the testimony of his father." Then, the lawyer said that that day, Mr. A's father asked his drunk son to wake up his friend quickly and take a taxi to return home. Even after 4:00 a.m., his mother sent a message when Mr. A did not come back. He explained that he took a taxi at 4:51 and returned to the apartment.

Afterwards, Mr. A, who is unadulterated, wants to go to the room, change clothes, and sleep with his luggage and clothes in the living room. At this time, when he found out that his cell phone had changed while organizing his son's things, and asked what happened to his son, the conversation was not smooth. Knowing that he was in a state of being unable to control, he insisted that he went to the Han River Park to confirm that he would still be asleep there.

So, Mr. A and his family arrived at the Hangang Park at 5:10, and they went back and forth between the lawn and the surroundings for 10 minutes to find Jeong-min, but after trying to find it, they finally called Jeong-min's mother at 5:28 to see if Jeong-min was well at home. He asked, and asked for a call when he found Jungmin, and the family went home with his son. In addition, the CCTV footage caught the attention of A, who collapsed or lie down on the road while the parents were looking for Jeong-min. In addition, A also vomited immediately upon arriving at the parking lot of the apartment.

However, there was a question. Is it true that Mr. A, who walked about 10 minutes on foot, took a taxi, went back to the Han River, and crossed the fence, did not remember the day's actions. Experts said, "Blackout is that both you and those who see it look fine, but you can't remember it later. It's due to damage to the hippocampus." "Blackouts in drunkenness are common."

What was the reason for throwing away Mr. A's shoes? In response, the lawyer said, "It's white, but it's old and has the soles and vomit. I asked A if it would work. I told him to do whatever I want, so I discarded it. When I discarded my shoes, I didn't expect a huge situation to happen in the future."

Following that, the broadcast noted that the clues to reveal the reason for Jung Min's death in a situation where no allegations are established only with heart or suspicion is the place where the incident took place. Some claim that Mr. A might have been involved in the drowning process. Accordingly, the production crew tested several situations to confirm the possibility of an event.

First of all, it turned out that it was impossible for Mr. A to fall into the water in a situation where there was quite a distance between the fall point and the river through experiments, and the possibility that Mr. A pushed him under the lawn.

Second, we tested the possibility that Mr. A dragged Jung Min to the river and killed him. In the process of going down a 40-degree slippery slope through a 4.2 meter lawn, the head of the pile hit the ground, the clothes were torn, and the pile was scratched on the stone. However, before he drowned on Jungmin's body, the wounds that were dragged or scratched on the bumpy area were not revealed.

We also tested the possibility that Mr. A pushed the jeongmin of the price. However, in this case, it seemed difficult to die by drowning in the situation where the depth of the river was about the ankle. Also, if Mr. A took him to a deeper place and dropped him, the evidence would have to remain on his body. However, no trace of pressure was applied to the chest, shoulders, or neck that should have occurred in this case. The forensic scientist explained, "There is no sign of oppression or suppression."

In addition, if Mr. A dragged Jung-min into the water and drowned him, Mr. A should also have been wet, but there was no observation that he was wet.

Profilers analyzed that "the motive and opportunity parts are unlikely. The scene is a public place, not suitable for planning a crime." Professor Lee Soo-jung added, "Han River Park is a place overflowing with witnesses 24 hours a day. It is difficult to kill a person with intention of murder in an open space while others see it."

On the 12th, a phone call came in. Moon and his party said they were fishing at dawn on the 25th. They took pictures of the night view at 4:33 am and said that they heard a splash somewhere around 10 minutes later. "They said, "The people in front of me saw people walking in there. Whether they were swimming or splashing, they were moving their arms." And he said he did not detect danger from the sound he heard at the time. Mr. Moon and his party added, "If it were a request for rescue, we would have entered," he added.

Also, a man witnessed by Mr. Moon's party said that he came out between the place where Jung Min was laying the mat and the wooden deck. About 80 meters away from the reporters. So, can you hear the popping sound from that distance? Accordingly, the production crew confirmed that the sound can be clearly heard even from further distances through an experiment.

And the first witnesses of Jung Min's body revealed that there was a separate place where the first body was found. The place he pointed to was the same as that pointed to by Mr. Moon's group.

Accordingly, the production team analyzed the flow of water based on the average flow condition through an expert. As a result of the analysis, it was revealed that there is a high probability that the spot where Jungmin's body was found is the place where Jungmin was drowned.

In addition, it turned out that the underwater structure at the southern end of the Banpo Bridge actually deepened sharply from 10 meters from the riverside, and the bottom was piled up a lot. As a result, it was revealed that even a month before Jung Min's death, the Banpo Rescue Team fell into a fire and had a request for rescue.

At the time of discovery, Jung Min's sneakers were removed. So, the police analyzed the soil to find out the source of the soil, which was most similar to the soil in a river bed about 10 meters from the water surface.

The man witnessed by Mr. Moon's group, the flow of water in the Han River, the location of the body found, and the soil composition on the socks pointed to one possibility. It was the case that Jung-min, who had entered the water wearing sneakers, fell into the mud and died after falling into the water. Jungmin, who died, had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.154%.

In this regard, an expert said, "In addition to the fact that if it exceeds 0.15%, you can lose your sense of direction and cause ataxia. If you are exposed to a cold environment, inhalation can be quicker," he said. "Drinking and drowning are very related." He explained that the risk of drowning due to shock is higher if he falls into cold water while his blood vessels are dilatated by drinking.

The police announced that Jung Min's death had not been confirmed in the context of the crime. Criminal psychologists also agreed that Mr. A and his family's behavior is very different from those of violent criminals.

Experts said, "There is no action to destroy the evidence." When I called, this incident had already occurred at a point where it could not be a crime.” A analyzed that there is no circumstantial evidence that Jung-min intervened in the death, and the likelihood of murder was very low.

The police assessed the clothes Mr. A wore, forensiced his mobile phone and laptop, and conducted four reference investigations, two legal hypnosis investigations, and one profiler interview with Mr. A. And on the 27th, two days ago, he said he had not found any charges of crime.

Nevertheless, the suspicion of people who wanted to know the truth was not going away easily. And they mentioned YouTube and CCTV videos, saying that the situation of killing is overflowing online.

In fact, numerous reports were poured out to the production crew from personal Internet broadcasting. And on the Internet, you could easily check videos that raised various suspicions about Jung Min's death.

The video that appeared in the claim that Mr. A injected drugs into Mr. Jung-min confirmed that the two people were going to receive the ordered pork belly. And the claim that Mr. A was wearing latex gloves was confirmed through experiments and analysis by experts that he was bare hands, not latex gloves. In addition, it turned out that the video that appeared in the claim that latex gloves were worn was different from the actual video, and that the color information was removed and the brightness and brightness were manipulated.

Following the streamer's claim that Mr. A is carrying Jung Min. It was found that the image that appeared in this case also showed a distorted phenomenon by manipulating the ratio, unlike the actual image. Also, when I checked the actual video, it turned out that it was impossible to carry Jungmin in the first place.

Claims that Mr. A's mobile phone is red. However, when rewinding the video, it was confirmed that the red object was not the mobile phone, but the hand of Mr. A, and in the video, Mr. A has never taken out a mobile phone.

Regarding the videos that raised the suspicion, an expert said, "I only output one specific scene I want to see, and there is a lot of compression, so there are quite a lot of farmland that occurs there. In reality, I have to look at all the frames before and after, and I need to do sampling and comparative analysis to make an accurate judgment This is possible. Noise, it's just an optical illusion," he said.

In addition, a netizen who was fishing at dawn on April 25 to the online community uploaded a photo of the police dispatched to the Han River Park. However, this picture led to the allegation that Mr. A's family was a senior police officer and that the police were dispatched to cover up the case.

But on this day, Song Dong-wook, who knows the real reason for the police dispatch, appeared. On the day of the incident, there was a contact accident with the person who was parking, and the other driver reported to the police while drinking alcohol. However, he explained that one more police car was dispatched because there was no breathalyzer in the police car that was dispatched first. So Song revealed this to the online community. However, people did not believe his words and demanded the disclosure of the black box, and furthermore, a personal broadcast that his accident was manipulated appeared.

In fact, unconfirmed rumors appeared online with tail to tail. Accordingly, the production team met the streamer who made the video and asked for the basis of the broadcast. Streamer then denied the fact that he had affirmed false facts, saying, "I was only talking because of doubt. I was talking with the intent of clarifying what the grounds for the space gray color were, but not red." He also claimed that Mr. A was living separately from his family, but this was also not true. Other streamers were also asked for interviews, but most of them refused or gave no answers.

An expert pointed out the wrong behavior of streamers, saying, "I think that I will not be punished even if I upload unconfirmed information, and I think it is black to earn some money by uploading this."

In fact, these private broadcasts turned out to have made a lot of profits from this incident. And this problem wasn't that their broadcasts did not end with creating personal profits. Song, a victim of a contact accident at the dawn of the 25th, was shocked when a media outlet revealed that the article was written only by the claims of a personal broadcaster.

And the testimony of the witnesses I met with the production crew was also made of articles different from the actual testimony. In response, the expert criticized, "It is surrounded by excessive heat. It is not a situation where there will be breaking news, but competing media are creating an extreme situation.

Professor Lee Soo-jung said, "I think this is a crime, whether it is possible to use the terrible things that can happen to someone for their own commercial interests." It is to do," he pointed out.

The day he first met Jung Min's father, he was very confused. He said, "If there is one person who asks you to trust the police, there are tens of thousands of people who say the opposite. So it's too confusing."

Regarding this situation, experts said, "Economically, it is difficult and the disaster is lasting for a long time, so the people think that it is unsafe and unsafe. Psychological anxiety or anger is projected to some place, leading to the idea of ​​finding the fairness or justice of the law. I will," he analyzed.

Another expert regretted, "I think it is the lack of the police that provided a hint of conspiracy theory or suspicion that the police have a lot of impressions of making political decisions rather than promptly and proactively investigating."

Jung Min's father was distressed, "My family is unable to return to daily life. The purpose is to reveal how my son entered, but I didn't know it would be this hard."

And there was another, as much as Jungmin's father, who eagerly hoped that the reason for Jungmin's death would be revealed. It is Mr. A's family. The family of Mr. A, whom we met with difficulty, said, "Jung-min's parents are people who have lost their children. Can you understand that? Even if there are various misunderstandings, we cooperate to investigate the police as much as possible, and the truth is revealed. It's better. All stay still. Whether it's hurting or not hurting. So stay still,” he said cautiously.

And, he added, "I can't understand where such a story came from," he said, saying that there are no police officials around.

In addition, he said, "Jungmin was a very close friend of A. But he said that he was a killer on the Internet or something. This happened to a friend who was next to him. Can the person next to him live as if it were nothing?" Said that he was no longer thinking of a normal future or daily life.

Mr. A's family said, "Jungmin hopes that the police investigation will go well as he does his father.He said, "I hope it will be well investigated."

It is natural for parents who struggle to find out the reason for their sudden death after losing their son. The interests of those who are suffering from the pain of their parents and who send their strength together with doubts about whether there will be any conduct or resentment or concealment of the investigative agency, and those who report to reveal the truth are also valuable.

However, there are certainly some who are willing to take advantage of Jung Min's death by throwing unaccountable suspicion and spreading unconfirmed speculation. It is a pity that they, who produce and disseminate videos using optical illusions and noise, do not know that the nature of this incident is not an excitement, but a tragedy, and the life and life of one family.

Finally, the broadcast said that all those who mourn the death of Mr. A's family and Mr. Jung Min as well as the bereaved would be the truth of the real case, not the suspicion made by speculation or rumors, and the truth of Jung Min's death, which has not yet ended, will be clearly revealed. He promised to keep an eye on him until the end. 

(SBS Entertainment News Editor Kim Hyo-jeong)