"I'm driving, and I just pulled the car over." On May 28, the 73-year-old man called the reporter after a while.

Mr. Ma received his driver's license in March 2021, and all subjects were passed at one time.

  On November 20, 2020, the Ministry of Public Security announced the implementation of 12 new measures for public security traffic management to optimize the business environment, and the driving test opened the door for people over 70 years old.

  More than half a year later, some elderly people passed all the subjects all the way through at one time, some finally took the photos after twists and turns, and some failed to give up five times.

On May 28, The Paper reporters searched for the first batch of senior car learners and listened to their stories.

73-year-old Mr. Ma: The only small regret is the subject of 95 points

  "It's much easier to drive. The car is readily available. Nowadays, almost all travel depends on driving." Mr. Ma said.

  In fact, Mr. Ma showed a good ability to learn to drive as early as when he signed up in November last year. He passed the basic ability test specially designed for people over 70 years old with full marks. "A good start is half the success. The process of learning to drive the test went smoothly."

  I passed the customs all the way and got his driver's license in 4 months. The only little regret for Mr. Ma is that he scored 95 points for a small mistake in side parking in the second test. Fortunately, small mistakes did not affect passing, and the exam passed smoothly.

  "Over 70 years old, 4 months to get the certificate, it must be fast, some young people may not be able to pass the test in 4 months." Jiang Jun, the head of Minhang campus of Rong'an Driving School, told reporters that Mr. His own good sense of car has surpassed many young people.

  Speaking of his "secret" for taking photos quickly, Mr. Ma said frankly that he feels about the car, has a serious and careful attitude, and obeys the coach's instructions, all three are indispensable.

  "My personality is relatively strong, and I hope I can do things well." Mr. Ma said that when he was young, he went to study in Japan and saw that the taxi drivers were all elderly people. "I think it's pretty cool, I just thought Can you do it when you get old?"

  After getting the driver's license, Mr. Ma has already driven to Jiaxing by himself. His next plan is to make appointments with three or five friends to travel in Yunnan in an RV.

72-year-old Mr. Zhang: I plan to drive to Kunshan Farmhouse by myself this weekend

  "I am about to celebrate my 73rd birthday. This is the best gift I can give myself!" Shanghai old man Zhang Mingxing told The Paper with joy.

  It turned out that on April 26, which lasted 5 months, Zhang Mingxing successfully passed the subject four theory test and received the car C2 driver's license from the test center.

This 72-year-old student finally realized his driving dream.

  What impressed Zhang Mingxing most was Subject 3.

He passed the exams all at once, and he dropped the subject during the road test, which made Old Uncle Zhang a little annoyed. “One time, he didn’t hear the prompt, and the computer directly notified the end of the exam. Another time he was careless.” Zhang Mingxing, a 72-year-old man I worked hard, practiced and took the test again, and finally passed the three major road tests.

The next subject four exam went well, and Mr. Zhang passed the test and got his driver's license.

  After taking the license, Zhang Mingxing and his friends drove to Zhangjiagang by car. This weekend they plan to drive to Kunshan Farmstay by themselves. "Enrich your life and have fun."

82-year-old old man Lu: stuck in the road test, his mentality is as good as ever

  “Those who can drive may not be able to roller skating, but there are many who can drive.” The 82-year-old Lu from Shanghai is a roller skating enthusiast. As long as he is free, he will skate in the community, causing a lot of trouble. Admiration from neighbors.

  In order to enrich his life, Mr. Lu signed up for the driver’s license test in 2020. Although he is an elderly student, he admits that his usual exercises have not been lost. In addition to roller skating, he will also play the violin and diabolo. At first, Mr. Lu was confident about getting the driver’s license. full.

  But now more than five months have passed, and Mr. Lu is still practicing the small road test of Subject 2. After failing the subject five times, he has no intention of giving up, but also intends to continue the test. "Because I feel that driving is not difficult at all. Everything went smoothly."

  Although I didn’t pass the exam, Mr. Lu’s mentality was as good as ever. “I passed the first mock exam with 80 points. I can’t pass the formal exam without knowing why. Maybe it’s the luck that God set up to protect me from my old age. ."

  Zhang Xiaojie, the person in charge of the Malu Driving School where Mr. Lu is located, told reporters that the 82-year-old Mr. Lu’s feelings about the car and the sense of balance are actually very good, even better than the 72-year-old Zhang Mingxing, but he was stuck on the small road and was unable to pass the test. .

  Zhang Xiaojie analyzed the reasons and said that older students are like older children, with a very strong subjective consciousness, and even like to go the other way. If you don't follow the coach's guidance and don't strictly abide by the rules of the exam, they are prone to errors.

  The Paper, News Reporter Chen Yixin