More than thirty positive cases for this very rare variant of Covid-19 have been detected in Deux-Sèvres.

Screening and vaccination operations will be stepped up in this department after the appearance, mainly in Niort, of the same variant that affected the Bacalan district in Bordeaux last week, health authorities announced on Friday.

After the discovery on Wednesday of three positive cases for this variant called E484Q, "a contact-tracing and screening" had made it possible to detect as of Thursday, "37 positive cases including 35 residing in Deux-Sèvres", announced the Regional health agency of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and the prefecture of Deux-Sèvres in a press release.

No link identified with the situation in Bacalan

This is the variant of the English strain, with a mutation, "identical to that at the origin of the Bacalan cluster in Bordeaux" but "without any links having been identified between these two situations at this stage", they said. precise.

Of the 37 cases identified, five are under 20 and six are over 65, and 21 reside in Niort.

According to the authorities, these cases come from "several chains of contamination in the department including a main chain of transmission" of 30 cases.

"In order to break the chains of transmission" around this cluster, the ARS and the prefecture announced the strengthening from Saturday and for two weeks of screening operations by antigenic tests on the territory of the agglomerations of Niortais and Gâtine .

Exceptional complement of vaccine doses

At the same time, for the week of June 1 to 6, “an exceptional complement of vaccine doses” will be sent to the Niort vaccination centers (2,700 Pfizer BioNTech doses) and to town doctors / pharmacists (1,500 Moderna doses) in the department. .

In June, the number of Pfizer doses will be increased by 8,000 additional doses, reaching 21,800 doses / week in June against 12,300 doses / week in May.

Classified as "worrying" by Public Health France, this very rare variant called VOC 20I / 484Q, has affected the Bacalan district in Bordeaux on an unprecedented scale, with at least sixty positive cases, pushing the authorities to strengthen screening and open a new vaccination center.


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