Emirati poet Mohammed Al-Suwaidi followed in Goethe's footsteps

During the session hosted by the Emirates Heritage Club at the exhibition.

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Egyptian novelist Walid Alaa El-Din, managing editor of "Turath" magazine, explained that the Emirati poet, Muhammad Ahmad Al-Suwaidi, believed in ridding Arab culture of abstraction, by operating the five senses in reception through sound, image, annotations and geographical maps so that writing is able to provide a living experience that is added to The fabric of thinking is not just information that moves from the book to the memory of the readers. He worked on applying this idea when he re-deconstructed Goethe’s journey and presented it to the readers of the 21st century, adding to it from his culture, thought and the data of the era. Noting that Al-Suwaidi transformed Goethe’s journey and his journey in the footsteps of Goethe into an advanced application on mobile phones and smart tablets, to be added to the previous applications he launched, the most famous of which is the “Al-Warraq” application, which is the largest virtual Arab library, and Al-Mutanabbi Oasis is the most important reference for Al-Mutanabbi’s life, his diwan, studies and explanations related to with it. And Ibn Battuta application, which is considered a large electronic window to the world of travel literature.

Aladdin explained, during the session hosted by the Emirates Heritage Club pavilion at the Abu Dhabi Book Fair, within the cultural season of the Zayed Center for Studies and Research affiliated with the club, entitled “The Journey of the Poet Mohamed Al Suwaidi in the Footsteps of Goethe - Reflections and Achievements”, presented by Fatma Al Mansouri, Director of the Center, that «the poet Muhammad al-Suwaidi, when he decided to make his journey in the footsteps of Goethe, was carrying the same question that prompted Goethe to move from Germany to Italy to spend two years wandering and contemplating, and it is a question of why this land was the birthplace of the modern European renaissance that moved the world from the dark centuries to the age of science.

Aladdin highlighted in his speech the enlightening effort made by the Emirati poet Mohammed Ahmed Al-Suwaidi in the service of Arab culture, through the set of initiatives he sponsors through the Electronic Village Foundation in Abu Dhabi, and the electronic cultural applications he recently launched on mobile phones and smart tablets such as tablets and iPads. And others.

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