After 17 years of absence, the heroes of Friends return Thursday evening to American television for a highly anticipated special episode.

In France, it will be broadcast on Friday morning on Salto, a meeting that Stéphanie, a fierce fan of the sitcom, will not miss for the world.

And too bad for work.

Friends fans have been waiting 17 years for this: the reunion of their six favorite heroes, in the famous sets of one of the most famous sitcoms in television history.

This dream will become reality Friday night in the United States, thanks to HBO, which broadcasts a special episode oh so much awaited.

In France, it will be necessary to wait until Friday morning, and to measure the impatience of the fans of the cult program of the years 1990-2000, it is enough to listen to Stéphanie who will be in front of her computer on the hour.

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"17 years after the end of the last episode, I still watch the series on repeat"

"When I saw that they were going to broadcast it on Salto, to tell you the whole truth, I subscribed to Salto yesterday to be able to see the episode," concedes Stéphanie.

"17 years after the end of the last episode, I still watch the series over and over: It stops and I come back to it. So I don't feel like I left them. Afterwards, we know that they all have aged, of course, I too have grown old with them, I have grown up with them. "


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There remains a major problem, at least in theory: the episode will be broadcast at 9 a.m., the time when Stephanie's working day begins. "Listen, too bad eh," she sweeps. "I am lucky to be teleworking and to have a little availability, so to be able to watch it. Even if I am not diligent, I will cut my screen in half, I will put my headphones on and I can work in same time."