In Toshima Village, Kagoshima Prefecture, doctors sailed around the island to vaccinate the new coronavirus, and by the 26th, all residents except those who did not wish to have been vaccinated twice.

In Toshima Village, Kagoshima Prefecture, where there are seven manned remote islands and no doctors are stationed, doctors and nurses go around the islands to inoculate all at once while storing vaccines in the freezer of the village ship.

According to the village, as a result of the second vaccination from the 25th, all the target residents, including those other than the elderly, have completed the second vaccination by the 26th, except for those who do not want it and those who are in poor physical condition. It was.

About 90% of the total population, or 476 people, have completed the vaccination.

Priority inoculation to the elderly is progressing in Kagoshima Prefecture, but Toshima Village is the first time that the target residents, including non-elderly people, have completed two inoculations.

Mayumi Nitta (38), who lives in Hirashima, said, "I am grateful and relieved that the two doses have been completed until our age, despite the sense of crisis that there are no doctors on the island. However, I have children. I'm afraid of the outbreak of mutant strains, so I'd like to keep an eye on it and take thorough measures in the future. "

Mr. Masashi Higo, the mayor of Toshima Village, said, "Since there will be more than next year, we will analyze this inoculation thoroughly, establish a system where residents can inoculate with peace of mind, and actively support local governments in the same environment as us. I want to share information with you. "