May 25, 2021

Lindsay Lohan is back

Lindsay Lohan is back on camera!

The actress has indeed landed a role in a romantic comedy for Netflix, her first since

Among The Shadows

, released in 2019. The opportunity for the actress to relaunch her career, which has been idling for several years.

The film does not yet have a title, but we know that it will be directed by Janeen Damian, on a screenplay co-written with her husband, Michael Damian.

The actress will take on the role of a "hotel heiress and recently fiancee" victim of amnesia after a skiing accident and "finds herself recovering with an attractive chalet owner and his daughter in the days leading up to Christmas" , specifies the platform on Twitter.

The film is slated for release sometime in 2022.

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The first name of her baby is finally known

It has been two months since Emma Stone gave birth to her first child, and according to the birth certificate obtained by TMZ, the actress and her husband named their daughter Louise Jean.

It is a tribute to Jean Louise, her grandmother, the actress and her mother herself having Jean as her middle name.

Emma Stone and Dave McCary have kept quiet about their relationship and the pregnancy, but still revealed their engagement last November.


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