Bayannaoer, May 25th. Title: A man in Inner Mongolia saw his wife holding a wedding with someone else in a video recording...

  China News Service reporter Zhang Linhu

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  When a man from Uradqian Banner, Bayannaoer City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was viewing a short video, he accidentally reported that his newly married wife was having a wedding with someone else.

The picture shows the wedding scene of Nana and Yin Cheng.

Photo courtesy of the police

 Man married 148,000 yuan

  In mid-March of this year, the Urad Qianqi Public Security Bureau received a report from the resident Yin Cheng (pseudonym) that he saw a short video from the Kuaishou platform. In the video, his wife Nana (pseudonym), who had just been married for more than two months A wedding is being held with another man.

  The 35-year-old Yin Cheng is already an older youth in the countryside, and marriage has become a top priority for his family.

A distant relative said that he knew a matchmaker. Through the introduction of the matchmaker, a young man from his village went to have a blind date in Gansu. The result was a match and he was about to get married.

The Yin family immediately contacted the matchmaker, and soon received good news-going to Gansu for a blind date.

The picture shows the wedding scene of Nana.

Photo courtesy of the police

  Yin Cheng and his son happily went to Gansu by car and met with the woman's "aunt" Li at the agreed place.

Li said that the girl's name is Nana and she has been taking care of her sick father at home, and her own marriage is in charge.

  Li also contacted Nana through a video call, allowing Yin Cheng to take a look at Nana's appearance.

Yin Cheng was very satisfied after seeing it, and asked Nana to come over to meet him.

The picture shows the police interrogating the suspect.

Photo courtesy of the police

  During the chat, Nana told Yin Cheng that she had had an unfortunate marriage and had been divorced.

Yin Cheng said that he didn't care that Nana had a marriage history, and Yin Cheng's father also handed out 1,000 yuan to Nana as a sign of sincerity.

  Yin Cheng's father hopes to meet Nana's parents and talk about this marriage.

But Li refused to claim that Nana’s village was going to build a viaduct, and compensation was paid to the villagers based on the number of people in the family. If Nana got married, she would lose one compensation.

  Seeing this situation, Yin Cheng's father simply discussed the bride price and marriage with Li.

In the end, the Yin family gave a total of 148,000 yuan to Nana's wedding gifts and gold and silver jewelry.

  After dating for one month, Yin Cheng wanted to apply for a marriage certificate with Nana, but because of Nana's account problem, it was never done. The Yin family held a grand wedding for the two couples.

The picture shows the suspect was arrested.

Photo courtesy of the police

Wife disappeared one after another after marriage

  On the third day after the marriage, Nana said that according to the custom of her hometown, the woman would go back to her natal house for a few days for good luck, and Yin Cheng also agreed to Nana's return.

A week later, Nana returned from her parents' house.

But within a few days, Nana went back to her mother's house again for various reasons, and Yin Cheng didn't take it seriously. He felt that it was natural for Nana to marry away and to miss home.

  Once, after Nana went back to her mother's house for more than half a month, Yin Cheng called and asked. Nana said that her father had a car accident and was hospitalized and needed care.

Yoon Jung wanted to see his father-in-law, but Nana shrugged it off for various reasons.

Yin Cheng was a little worried, so he called Li.

Li said that he would let Nana stay for a few more days, and if he didn't return it, he would personally send Nana back.

  Yin Cheng recalled that after being married for more than two months, his wife was at home for less than ten days. Later, he didn't answer the phone at all. Although Yin Cheng was puzzled, he didn't think too much.

  One day, Yin Cheng had nothing to do with his mobile phone when he was surprised by a video.

In the video, a wedding is taking place, and the bride is especially like his wife Nana.

Yin Cheng couldn't believe it. After watching it several times, he still felt that the bride in the video was his wife.

  In order to find out the truth, the Yin family went to Xixiaozhao Town, where the wedding was held, and found out the name of the groom.

Yin Cheng found the bridegroom privately, and after checking the two, they found that their newlyweds were the same person.

The picture shows the police and Li's husband understanding the situation.

Photo courtesy of the police

 Self-written and self-directed deceptive marriage

  After receiving Yin Cheng's alarm, the Urad Qianqi police found Nana.

Nana insisted that she and Yin Cheng had no feelings anymore, and they were getting married normally and there was no fraudulent marriage.

  The police learned that the introducers of the two marriages were Nana's "aunt" Li. At this time, Li was in a hotel in Wuyuan County.

  After the police rushed to Wuyuan to find Li, Li finally admitted to the fraudulent marriage.

  According to Li's confession, she and Nana are both from Gansu, but they are not relatives. They got married to get the betrothal gifts from the man. They wrote and directed a series of scams, and the other suspects acted as various relatives of the bride.

  According to Li's confession, the police arrested the person involved in the case and others.

So far, this organized and premeditated gang series of fraud cases have surfaced.

The picture shows the scene where the suspect Li (aunt) identified.

Photo courtesy of the police

  Involved in 19 marriage frauds

  In fact, as early as August 2019, Shi Jun, an older young man from a village in Xixiaozhao Town, Wulateqian Banner, introduced to Gansu woman Dawa through Li and others, and Li asked Shi Jun’s family for a gift of 50,000 yuan. Yuan and introduction fee of 20,000 Yuan.

  After Shi Jun's family gathered the money, Dawa returned to Shi Jun's home, but for various reasons refused to receive the marriage certificate, and managed to leave Shi's home.

Shi Jun called him several times and asked him to go home. Not only did Dawa didn't return, but he also asked him for more than 20,000 yuan for various reasons. After that, there was no news.

  In June 2020, Shi Jun’s wife Dawa became the bride of Gao Fu in a village in Urad Zhongqi. Unfortunately, the good times did not last long. After Gao Fu gave Li and others 68,000 yuan, Dawa disappeared again.

  In the end, the Urad Qianqi police cracked the marriage fraud case through a wedding banquet video, arrested 5 suspects of fraud, and uncovered the case involving Urad Qianqi, Linhe District, Wuyuan County, Baotou City, Bayannaoer City 19 marriage fraud cases in Guyang County, Azuo Banner of Alxa League, Yongdeng County, Wuwei City, Gansu Province, etc., with a value of more than 2 million yuan.