Sports opinion

Golden chief

Hussein Al-Shaibani

May 25, 2021

In an era that is fast-paced towards globalization, the distinction and dominance of tournaments is the slogan of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who spares no effort to reach it, and is at its summit in terms of precedence and leadership in the management of sports institutions, whose name is written in gold in the register Success and distinction by winning the Premier League championship, Manchester City.

The success achieved by His Highness in managing sports institutions in all continents of the world is a gain for the United Arab Emirates, and it means more success, and adds a mixture of creativity, progress and development, in line with the strategy and objectives of His Highness, and this did not happen without the presence of a wise administration, enacting plans in scheduling that fall into Underneath are far-reaching plans.

Winning the English Premier League, the strongest and best in the world, is a pride and pride for us, and today he reaps the fruits that he planted yesterday, “From the grandfather and the grandfather, whoever sows a harvest, and whoever walks on the path has arrived.” Indeed, whoever worked hard and diligently must One day he reaches what he aspires to.

And here he is elevating the Man City team to the ladder of championships and podiums, and this was not the result of the hour, or a one-day effort, and it was not out of thin air, but with proper planning.

Just as His Highness's management at Al-Jazira Club has succeeded in building a team that can achieve championships, without rushing results, and his vision of winning the Arab Gulf League for Professionals Championship has been realized with young members (club academy), supported by elements of experience as well, and the largest number of players in the list of the first national team.

We stress the importance of continuing to make efforts to achieve more championships, and that reaching the summit is not difficult, but the word “difficult” does not exist in the dictionary of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and he is facing the challenge of stability and advancement to transfer Manchester City to greater successes in the club championship Europe for the Champions, as he steps steadily towards achieving the championship, God willing, on Saturday May 29, 2021 against Chelsea, for the first time in its history, and the Portuguese city of Porto will witness the crowning of Man City in the strongest European championship.

Under his leadership, Manchester City achieved 16 championships in all competitions (the English Premier League 5 times, the English League Cup 6 times, the FA Cup twice, the Charity Shield 3 times).

The most influential figure in the march of world football at the present time under the management of Siti Group (clubs owned by His Highness), all the clubs under the management of His Highness "heroes" in all continents.

His Highness drew a smile on the lips, joy spread across the country, and he dedicated winning the Premier League championship to everyone, because it has an Emirati character, and we are waiting for the great joy in the Porto sign ... His Highness created the character of the hero for all the teams under his management «Work is the best speech» .. Mansour always « City ».

We await the great joy in the Porto location.

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