[Explanation] Yuan Longping, "Father of Hybrid Rice", Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and "Republic Medal" winner, died at the age of 91 in Changsha, Hunan at 13:07 on May 22.

  [Explanation] On May 23, Henan Agricultural University organized some teachers and students of the College of Agriculture to hold a symposium to mourn Mr. Yuan Longping and recall his incomprehensible "love" with Henan.

  [On-site same period] On March 26, 2014, the Henan Food Crop Collaborative Innovation Center and the National Hybrid Rice Engineering Technology Research Center signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Yuan Longping, 84 years old, formally served as the Henan Agricultural University "2011 Plan" Henan Food Crop Collaborative Innovation Center The chief scientist of rice immediately implemented the super hybrid rice "tens of millions" high-yield demonstration project in Guangshan County, Henan Province.

  [Explanation] Then, Yuan Longping went to Henan Agricultural University and gave a report entitled "Progress in Super Hybrid Rice Breeding" for teachers and students, which triggered a wave of "chasing stars" for students, and the auditorium of thousands of people was full.

  [Concurrent] Peng Ting, Professor, College of Agriculture, Henan Agricultural University

  I know that in the past, students chased stars, and they chased movie stars and singers, but I didn't expect that we scientific research workers could have so many "mysterious brothers and younger sisters."

After Mr. Yuan came, (the hallway and the entrance to the auditorium were crowded with students), the water leaked.

  [Explanation] At the time at Henan Agricultural University, Yuan Longping not only talked about "rice", but also sent messages to masters and students, "Wheat and rice research have many similarities, and they need to learn from each other. I hope Henan will focus on'hybrid wheat'. "Super wheat" will be developed as soon as possible to further increase wheat production."

  [Explanation] From 2015 to 2016, Yuan Longping successively recruited 6 postgraduates majoring in crop genetics and breeding at Henan Agricultural University, and Li Fei was one of them.

  [Concurrent] Li Fei, a 2016 PhD student, Rice Science and Technology Innovation Team, College of Agriculture, Henan Agricultural University

  Although I have never met Mr. Yuan, Mr. Yuan has always been the spiritual guide of our agricultural people and the spiritual pillar of our agricultural people.

  [Explanation] Yuan Longping once said, "I have always been working hard to make my dreams come true. You are Chinese youths in the new era. I believe that you will surely practice and accumulate on the road of pursuing the truth, and will not let down the times. Take charge".

  [Concurrent] Liu Ye, a PhD student in Crop Science, Grade 18, Henan Agricultural University

  Yuan Lao has passed away, but his dreams, unfinished dreams, unfinished careers, I think we will continue to accomplish them, and at the same time they will inspire us.

  [Concurrent] Xing Mengyu, student from the College of Agriculture, Henan Agricultural University

  I don't want to believe that Grandpa Yuan, who is kind and cute, humorously said that he is a "post-90s" has left us.

My father used to say to me that your generation is very happy. We had a famine before and could not eat. When we were hungry, we could only eat sweet potatoes and radishes. We could not eat rice at all. It was Grandpa Yuan who worked his entire life to finally let the whole Chinese people, Even people all over the world got rid of hunger.

  [Explanation] Peng Ting, who participated in the "Super Hybrid Rice Ten Million High Yield Research Project" launched by Mr. Yuan Longping in Xinyang, Henan Province, introduced that compared with other work, scientific research work is extremely boring.

The reason why he stayed at school to engage in rice-related teaching and scientific research after graduation was because of the influence of Mr. Yuan.

In recent years, with the support of the "Yuan Longping team", the rice science and technology innovation team of the institute has won the "First Prize for Science and Technology Progress in Henan Province" twice in three years, and the cooperation is still continuing.

  [Concurrent] Peng Ting, Professor, College of Agriculture, Henan Agricultural University

  We now have some scientific research projects, and we are continuing to cooperate with his team, and we will continue to work on his unfinished business, including the continuous increase in the production of super hybrid rice.

  Reporter Li Chaoqing, Kanli Li Mingming reporting from Zhengzhou, Henan

Editor in charge: [Zhang Kaixin]