Actor Han Ye-seul countered the rumors that his 10-year-old boyfriend was from the Hwa-ryu world.

On the 23rd, Han Ye-seul revealed an uncomfortable appearance about the rumors related to boyfriends recently raised by the YouTube channel'Landscape Research Institute' through his SNS live broadcast.

Han Ye-seul said, "Why the hell are you doing this to me? Should I fight? Will you pay compensation for damages if your career and image are damaged for 20 years?"

Then, "In my opinion, the YouTuber who raised the suspicion with the former agency's representative is close. I thought it was some kind of retaliation. Or, what is the reason for this suddenly?"

Han Ye-seul said, "How many times would I have experienced this while living in the entertainment industry? How many times would I have heard of gossip and jirasi? It's a job, so I said, but it seems like I'm just trying to kill me and attacking, so I wonder why. If I lie with a little truth, I wonder why. No. If it is the color of the broadcast itself, it could be. But isn't it that way? I'm also sorry for my boyfriend. What's wrong with meeting a celebrity girlfriend."

"I really don't want to fight. I don't know what kind of feelings'Ga Se-yeon' has to me, but I would have understood it if I checked it on the phone and broadcasted it. But it's embarrassing because he attacks indiscriminately and mercilessly. I can apologize if I've done anything wrong, but I don't think I'm attacking like this. Because I talk like I'm retiring from the entertainment industry, it's a bit like that.

Han Ye-seul, who communicated with fans through live, said, "I still feel relieved after talking. I am reassuring to have fans who support and support me like this. I am very tired of my life. I think this is life. I will not talk about it for a long time. I will not talk about it for a long time." People worry too much. Knowing that it's broadcasting live can get you upset. It's so frustrating that I wanted to appeal,” he said openly.

Recently, Han Ye-seul revealed her boyfriend through his SNS. The lover is known as Ryu Seong-jae, an actor who is 10 years younger or younger, and has garnered a lot of attention.

Afterwards, the YouTube channel'Garosero Research Institute' referred to Han Ye-seul's boyfriend and claimed to be'Bisty Boys'. 'Bisty Boys' is a movie about a host who entertains female customers in an entertainment establishment. Through the title of the movie, Ryu Seong-jae argued that he was from the Hwa-ryu world. He also claimed that the actress of the club'Burning Sun' was Han Ye-seul.

As a result, Han Ye-seul revealed an uncomfortable appearance in his SNS story, saying, "Reporter. It's too novel. I should have a drink with me."

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)