It is one of the largest colonies of Goyotsutsuji in Japan in Nasu Town, Tochigi Prefecture, and the pure white Karen flowers have begun to bloom, entertaining visitors.

The area around the mountaintop station of the gondola of the ski resort "Mount Jeans Nasu" in Nasu Town is one of the largest colonies of Goyotsutsuji in Japan, and about 30,000 trees aged 100 to 300 years grow naturally. ..

At this time of year, a large number of tourists come to see the white flowers.

According to the ski resort, this year's blooming begins in the middle of this month, which is the same as usual, and it will soon be in full bloom.

Also, since this year has an unprecedented number of flower buds, the pure white flowers bloomed like bells on the tree that bloomed a little earlier, and the visitors enjoyed taking pictures. ..

A woman from Oyama City in the prefecture said, "It was nice to see a lot of pure white flowers in bloom."

It is said that the flowers of Goyotsutsuji, which is a colony of Nasu Town, will be enjoyed until the beginning of next month.