China News Service, Beijing, May 23 (Guo Chaokai) A reporter learned from the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security on the 23rd that recently, road traffic accidents involving mass travel in rural areas have occurred in Ningxia, Gansu, and Hunan.

  At 18:00 on May 21, an unlicensed tractor in Helan County, Yinchuan County, Ningxia illegally carried 8 farmers collectively to the agricultural company to spread mulch, and turned to the side of the road when it drove to the intersection of No. 109 National Highway, Sishilidian, Helan County. In the ditch, 1 person was killed and 8 people were injured.

  At about 22:00 on May 21, a three-wheeled vehicle illegally carried 11 people in Huining County, Baiyin County, Gansu. It drove out of the road when it drove to a steeply curved section of a village road in Laojunpo Township on its way home after watching a show at the temple fair. Turning upside down, causing 3 deaths and 8 injuries.

  At about 13:00 on May 22, when a car in Dingxi, Gansu drove to a downhill curve in the 152 km section of Qianjin Village, Beizhai Town, Weiyuan County on Provincial Highway 227, it met with the opposing medium-sized passenger car (approved carrying 14 people, actual Carrying 17 people) collided, and the medium-sized bus overturned down a slope with a drop of 19 meters, causing 2 deaths and 16 injuries.

  At about 23:00 on May 22, a van carrying rural funeral kitchen staff in Shaodong, Hunan (approved with 7 people, and 7 people) crashed into a roadside pond while driving on a village road, causing 6 people except the driver death.

  At 7 o'clock on May 23, at the T-shaped intersection of Binhejiayuan Road, Yueyahu Township, Xingqing District, Yinchuan District, Ningxia, 224 National Road, a large truck and a left-turning van (7 people for nuclear and 8 people for actual load, collectively picking peppers ) The collision resulted in 6 deaths and 2 injuries.

  All of the above five accidents occurred in rural areas near water and cliffs, sharp bends and steep slopes, and level crossings. Among them, four involved rural collective travel for work, farming, and temple fairs, and two involved three-wheeled vehicles and tractors illegally manning people. In 2 cases, there were illegal acts of overcrowding and carrying passengers, which increased the consequences of casualties.

  The Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security reminds that when driving through villages and towns, rivers and cliffs, sharp bends and steep slopes, level crossings and other road sections, you must drive strictly in accordance with the law, drive in a safe and civilized manner, and do not exceed speeding or overspeed, and pay attention to avoiding pedestrians. And passing vehicles; traveling by car, especially in rural areas for collective work, farming, market trips and temple fairs, actively boycott overcrowded vehicles, consciously wear seat belts throughout the journey, and do not take non-passenger transport such as low-speed trucks, agricultural vehicles, and tractors. vehicle.