China News Service, May 23 (Reporter Chen Jing) Wu Mengchao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the "father of Chinese hepatobiliary surgery", passed away suddenly, triggering public grief.

  On the 23rd, Shanghai Oriental Liver and Gallbladder Hospital set up a temporary memorial place outside the hospital. The people spontaneously came to express their memorial feelings to this benevolent and superb medical master.

In the rainy days, people came to memorialize Wu Mengchao in an endless stream.

Photo by Zhang Peng

  Under the rain, the sorrow is thicker.

The temporary memorial place was filled with wreaths sent by Wu Mengchao's relatives, friends and people.

The big screen shows Wu Mengchao's life and "inscriptions".

Starting in the morning, Wu Mengchao's relatives, friends, colleagues, and students have come, holding pure white chrysanthemums, solemnly saluting the portrait, and presenting flowers.

The people spontaneously came to express their remembrance to this benevolent and superb medical master.

Photo by Zhang Peng

  Since then, more and more people have come to pay homage to Wu Mengchao, some with their children.

"Elder Wu, go all the way well!" "Dean Wu, go all the way, thank you" "May China have more scientists like this"... On the live webcast, people from all over the country who could not be present expressed their affection for this through messages. The grief of the "Father of Chinese Hepatobiliary Surgery".

The hospital set up a temporary memorial place.

Photo by Zhang Peng

  Wu Mengchao, who passed away at the age of 99, used his inexhaustible love to illuminate the suffering souls during his 70-year medical career.

Wu Mengchao, who retired at the age of 97, once said that as a doctor, he would not retire.

According to reports, in the three days from today, people can come to memorialize spontaneously.