Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, May 17th, title: Chasing dreams in the Greater Bay Area at the right time-Hong Kong and Macau Youth Bay Area entrepreneurship

  Xinhua News Agency reporter

  More and more young people from Hong Kong and Macau are shining on the 56,000 square kilometers of entrepreneurial land in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

  They, with the spirit of fighting under the Lion Rock, bravely set off with the entrepreneurial ideals by the shore of the river, and became the bright stars in this world's most dynamic and innovative area.

  The world that opens the window of happiness is bigger, and one young dream after another is gestating, sprouting, growing, and bearing fruit in the Greater Bay Area...

Dreaming of Dawan

  On the west bank of the Pearl River, the sun shines on the closely connected Zhuhai and Macau, illuminating the way forward for young dreamers.

  In the morning, "post-90s" Zhang Siyuan departed from his home in Macau and spent 3 patacas by bus to Hengqin port for customs clearance. After tens of minutes, he arrived at the Bank of China-Litu-Fang's (Hengqin) joint law firm in Hengqin, Zhuhai. .

Step by step, he cultivated his career dream on the way of daily commuting.

  The law firm where Zhang Siyuan works is the first law firm in the country to be jointly operated by the Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau. It is also the largest law firm in the Greater Bay Area with the largest number of Hong Kong and Macau lawyers and the widest business scope. It currently owns There are 31 registered practicing lawyers in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau, including 11 lawyers in Macau and 16 lawyers in Hong Kong.

  "The Greater Bay Area is booming. I can learn more and see more scenery." Zhang Siyuan said that not long ago, he passed the judicial examination in the Mainland and is gearing up to show off in the Greater Bay Area.

  At the same time, Hong Kong youths Li Guoming and Ye Weijun are busy in the "THREE DROPS" three-color creative restaurant in the Lingnan Xintiandi Commercial Street, Foshan, in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta.

This restaurant is an Internet celebrity shop, and the bustling customers let Ye Weijun learn to cook spaghetti, make cakes, and wash cups at the same time.

  "This is the first restaurant in our lives. Although it is busy and hard work, we are very happy." Opening a distinctive restaurant is the dream of the pair when they studied abroad. Foshan is realized.

"In the future, we will open more stores in other cities in the Greater Bay Area, Shanghai, Beijing and even overseas."

  Hong Kong’s housing prices are high, the gap between the rich and the poor is wide, and the industry is hollowed out. Young people are facing difficulties in finding employment, starting a business, and buying a home.

Macau is facing problems such as a single economic structure.

  How to realize the dream of life?

Many young people from Hong Kong and Macao were confused and hesitated.

The construction of the Greater Bay Area has allowed Hong Kong and Macao youths to see opportunities and ways out, and find a stage to realize their dreams in life.

  In the "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Plan Outline", building an international scientific and technological innovation center with global influence is an important strategic positioning.

Guangdong is accelerating the construction of crowd-creation space to provide opportunities and conditions for Hong Kong and Macao youths to innovate and start businesses.

  Wu Jiahui is the Hong Kong youth who tasted the first cup of soup.

His co-working space plan coincided with the first train of development in the Greater Bay Area and became one of the first 10 "Guangdong and Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Bases" identified by the governments of Guangdong and Hong Kong.

At present, this office space has more than 70 young entrepreneurial enterprises settled, including 32 Hong Kong and Macao youth projects.

  According to statistics from the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, as of the end of 2020, Guangdong has 1,036 technology business incubators and 986 crowd-creation spaces. Among them, there are more than 50 innovation and entrepreneurship bases for young people from Hong Kong and Macao, which are for young people from Hong Kong and Macao to innovate and start businesses in the Greater Bay Area. Enterprises provide more convenient services.

  Last year, the first batch of more than 10,000 public institutions in Guangdong opened open recruitment positions to Hong Kong and Macao residents, and set up steps and ladders for Hong Kong and Macao people to integrate into the Greater Bay Area; job title evaluation and vocational qualification recognition also opened up space for the development of Hong Kong and Macao professionals. Physicians and teachers More than 2,000 Hong Kong and Macau professionals in 8 fields, including tourist guides, and tourist guides, have obtained Mainland registered practice qualifications.

  Wu Jiahui said that the huge market potential of the Greater Bay Area has given Hong Kong young entrepreneurs like him a new space to display their talents and new opportunities for overtaking in corners. "Guangdong government departments attach great importance to young people in Hong Kong. It is not only convenient and efficient to register enterprises. , And also help us deal with many things."

  Entrepreneurship in the Hong Kong and Macau Youth Greater Bay Area has also received strong support and encouragement from the Hong Kong and Macau SAR governments.

The three programs launched by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government to encourage Hong Kong youth to start businesses and find jobs in the Greater Bay Area have been widely welcomed.

Relying on the Macau Youth Entrepreneurship Incubation Center established by the Macau Special Administrative Region Government to provide support services for Macau entrepreneurial youth; the center has successively signed cooperation agreements with incubators in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and other cities, and promoted the establishment of the Pan-Pearl River Delta Regional Incubator Alliance Macau Youth Entrepreneurship Incubation center.

Chase the tide

  According to statistics, from February 2019 to April this year, the central and local governments at all levels have successively issued 231 relevant policy documents related to the Greater Bay Area, and "Hong Kong and Macao youth" has become the most frequent term among them, with a total of 2,810 occurrences.

  The tide rider stands on the top of the wave.

In this hot land of the Greater Bay Area, many young Hong Kong and Macau makers are backing their motherland, striving to achieve their "golden age" of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

  Directly connected to 212 large international suppliers, completed 8,124 cross-border transactions, indirectly incubated more than 140 cross-border e-commerce companies, and the highest monthly transaction amount exceeded 34.5 million US dollars. The first round of financing was 50 million yuan... 6 years to Shenzhen , "Post-80s" Hong Kong youth Chen Sheng handed over a dazzling "transcript."

He understands that behind this is the assistance of the Greater Bay Area and the country.

  "The free venue, convenient financing environment, and the support given in the early stage of entrepreneurship made me understand the true meaning of Qianhai's "relying on Hong Kong, serving the mainland, and facing the world"." Chen Sheng said, "Looking from Shenzhen to the north, I can see clearly. The advantages of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the country's care for Hong Kong; looking south, I have a deeper understanding of the great practice of'one country, two systems'."

  Good wind relies on strength.

As one of the regions with the most openness and strongest economic vitality in China, the Greater Bay Area has a complete industrial system and obvious cluster advantages.

The solid industrial foundation and broad market have built up confidence and confidence for the young people of Hong Kong and Macao to hit the water in the middle of the world.

  In 2018, 29-year-old Hong Kong youth Deng Wenjun has been in the IT industry in Hong Kong for 9 years.

From programmers to self-employed entrepreneurs, the Greater Bay Area has given him new development opportunities at the critical stage of breaking through the bottleneck period of his career.

  “I spent a few months traveling to 9 cities in the Greater Bay Area to connect and understand one by one.” Deng Wenjun finally chose to settle in Songshan Lake, Dongguan, and set up a technology company with augmented reality (AR) as the main development project.

"The manufacturing industry in the Greater Bay Area is developed, which can directly connect with enterprises and reduce intermediate costs." He said, "The company has been established for the past two years, with the same investment, and the income is 5 to 6 times higher than before."

  Gan Yunlong, a PhD in biochemistry who grew up in Macau and studied in Hong Kong, has also tasted the sweetness of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Greater Bay Area. In order to better help ordinary people with disease screening and personal health management, he has developed a non-invasive method Gas detection platform, but encountered a technical bottleneck.

After communicating with friends, Gan Yunlong set his sights on the mainland.

  While setting up a team and configuring laboratories in Hong Kong, he also established cooperation with the mainland scientific research team to conduct technical research on key components.

After many inspections, Gan Yunlong decided to set up a company in Pingshan District, Shenzhen.

  “The concentration of talents here and the complete public scientific research facilities provide good conditions for technological entrepreneurship.” Gan Yunlong said, “The country vigorously encourages technological cooperation, and we Hong Kong and Macao technological entrepreneurs will all benefit from this policy.”

  On the second anniversary of the release of the "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Plan Outline", the Blue Book of the "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Research Report (2019-2020)" issued by the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Development Research Institute of Sun Yat-sen University pointed out that with the collaboration of the Greater Bay Area With the further advancement of development, Hong Kong and Macao young people's entrepreneurship in the Mainland has shown a positive trend, and a qualitative change has been achieved at the level of entrepreneurship.

  Statistics show that young people from Hong Kong and Macau have begun to try to cooperate with the mainland in strategic emerging industries such as big data, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence to achieve complementary advantages and create value together.

At present, there are nearly 600 Hong Kong and Macau youth entrepreneurial teams in Guangdong Province, with more than 4,000 employees.

  "Such a positive trend is due to the advancement of the National Greater Bay Area strategy, the continuous optimization of the entrepreneurial environment for Hong Kong and Macao young people in the Mainland, and the continuous improvement of policy support." Zhang Guangnan, director of the Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macao Regional Development Institute of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Development Institute, Sun Yat-sen University, believes , Hong Kong and Macau Youth Greater Bay Area entrepreneurship presents the characteristics of "four highs", that is, entrepreneurs are highly educated, engaged in high-tech industries, high-end industrial chains, and high value-added products and services.

Common home

  On the May Fourth Youth Day just past, Hong Kong creators Guo Weiqiang and Chen Sheng won the first "Shenzhen Youth May Fourth Medal", commending them for integrating their personal ideals into the common ideals of the whole nation, and building in Shenzhen’s Greater Bay Area and with Chinese characteristics. Outstanding contributions made in the construction of the socialist pilot demonstration zone.

  Guo Weiqiang is a "post-90s" who started his entrepreneurial journey in Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Dream Workshop.

He invented the "Portable Treasure"-the first smart luggage box that can be opened upright. It is the only "all-round luggage" on the market that can be positioned during check-in and has functions such as loss prevention, rechargeability, smart weighing, and fingerprint unlocking. , Its enterprise has obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification.

  "Our real market is the entire huge mainland market, and even the huge market of the countries along the'Belt and Road'." Guo Weiqiang has a higher goal, "I hope I can serve as a case for more Hong Kong youths to see. I also hope that I can maintain this original aspiration and continue to develop with the opportunities in the Mainland, especially the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area."

  Integrating into the overall situation of national development, Hong Kong and Macao youths actively embrace the future of the Greater Bay Area.

  Five years ago, three Hong Kong "post-90s" young people, Luo Weite, Liang Lifeng, and Tan Huimin, with less than 10,000 Hong Kong dollars in their pockets, came to Jiangmen to start a farmland business.

In the past five years, they have applied for more than 10 national patents, have two large-scale fish and vegetable symbiosis production bases, and have hired more than 20 local villagers to participate in the production.

  "In the most difficult time, it was Jiangmen who'accepted' us, provided land and financial assistance, and equipped the project with the guidance of senior local agricultural experts." Liang Lifeng said, "Jiangmen gave us the best conditions and the most powerful We must build this home well and give back to the villagers and people."

  Livable and suitable for business, the Greater Bay Area is becoming the home of more and more young people from Hong Kong and Macau.

The 12 Hong Kong and Macao youth innovation and entrepreneurship bases led by the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Guangdong) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation Base are the "first window" for Hong Kong and Macao youths to strengthen their recognition and join the "first bridge" of the Greater Bay Area. Young people from Hong Kong and Macau are more at ease to start their own businesses, cultivate their careers, and live and work in peace.

  In the "Internet celebrity sales live room" of the Hong Kong and Macau Youth Home in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, "Hong Kong husband and wife" Li Jianxi and Sun Jiaxi are familiar with the camera.

Last year, they joined hands to start a business to "transform" Internet celebrities, introduce Hong Kong products to the mainland, and bring the mainland's new retail and Internet technology to Hong Kong. The interconnected Greater Bay Area has become the couple's dream home.

  “Only when you start your own business in a city in the Greater Bay Area can you know how good this place is and how strong the motherland’s support for young people from Hong Kong and Macau is.” Li Jianxi sighed.

  For young people from Hong Kong and Macau who are working hard in the Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong and Macau are home, Guangdong is home, the Greater Bay Area is home, and the motherland is home.

  In recent years, Guangzhou has strived to promote Hong Kong and Macao youths to enjoy the same treatment as mainland residents in terms of education, medical care, elderly care, housing and other basic livelihood security. It has opened 25 Hong Kong and Macao children’s classes and more than 600 Hong Kong and Macao students enrolled in the city to support Hong Kong and Macao youths in Guangzhou. Purchasing commercial housing and raising 1,000 apartments for young talents in Hong Kong and Macau...With all-round protection, Hong Kong and Macau youths will live more at ease and have more confidence in rooting and development.

  After graduating from university, the "post-90s" Hong Kong youth He Jingwen went to Dongguan to pan for gold in the blue ocean of the Internet in the Mainland.

"The Mainland's development in the Internet field is really fast, and new ideas can always sprout here. I think the Greater Bay Area can realize my Internet entrepreneurship dream." She said.

  On the way to dream, He Jingwen met love in the Greater Bay Area.

The Greater Bay Area is not only the place where her dreams bloom, but also her home.

  "For me, Hong Kong is where I grew up, and the Mainland is my home and my future." He Jingwen said.

  "The world with the happy window is bigger, and the scenery in front of you can be embraced."

The theme song "A Common Homeland" in the Greater Bay Area sang the voice of many young people from Hong Kong and Macau: Only by integrating themselves into the tide of national development can they stand proudly.

  At present, the country has entered a new stage of development. The "14th Five-Year Plan" and the 2035 long-term goal outline provide huge opportunities for the development of Hong Kong and Macao.

  "Welcome to (come) to the Greater Bay Area. The wonderful (good) future will continue to pursue together with our ideals. Let us hold hands and pursue a dream together..."

  Chasing dreams in the Greater Bay Area is the time to struggle.

This is the best time for Hong Kong and Macao youth to integrate into the overall situation of national development, build a better Hong Kong and Macao, achieve their dreams and realize their life values!

(Reporters Wang Pan, Xu Hongyi, Wang Feng, Hong Zehua, Li Kai)