As the infection of the new coronavirus spreads again, the price of "gold", which is regarded as a safe asset, is rising.

Gold futures prices have hit new highs during trading hours.

Gold futures trading is taking place on the Osaka Exchange, but on the 17th, trading was active, and the price of gold futures was 6500 per gram for the "April next year", which is the center of the transaction. It exceeded the yen.

It is the first time in about half a year since November last year that the price of gold futures has exceeded 6,500 yen, and it has reached the highest price of this year during the trading hours.

This is because the re-expansion of the new coronavirus infection has heightened concerns about the future of the economy, and there is a growing movement to buy gold as a relatively safe asset.

Market officials said, "If the spread of vaccines is delayed, the impact on the Japanese economy will be unavoidable, and there is a growing movement to direct funds to safer gold."