It's been with the rain all weekend.

Today (16th), there are many places that recorded nearly 100mm of precipitation for one day.

To the east, the rain is getting thicker.

Up to 70mm of rain will be poured over these areas until the night in the future, and it will be intensely concentrated in an instant, and it will be disturbed by thunder and lightning.

Even tomorrow, Monday, there are more rain forecasts all over the country.

On the way to work tomorrow, the rain cloud zone will pass, centering on the central and Gyeongbu regions, and will gradually expand to the whole country and continue until daytime.

The amount of rain that falls tomorrow will be less than today and the intensity will be weaker, but you should be careful about safety accidents as it continues day after day.

The weather got cool.

Tomorrow, the daytime temperature in Seoul will stay at 19 degrees, and there will be many places with fog.

In some coastal areas, visibility will be greatly reduced.

After the rain stops, the early summer heat will continue again.

(Meteorological Caster Tae Bin)