On the evening of May 14th, the Sanqingshan Fire Rescue Brigade, Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, received an alarm call saying that 11 travel companions were trapped on an abandoned walking trail in the Sanqingshan Scenic Area, and one of them was injured in a leg and was unable to walk. They requested rescue.

After receiving the alarm call, the local firefighter immediately dispatched 2 vehicles and 10 officers and soldiers to the scene for rescue.

  Because the walking trail has been abandoned for many years, the terrain along the way is steep, with many cliffs breaking, and there is a danger of falling off the cliff if you step on it at will.

In order to find the trapped persons as soon as possible, the firefighters took the cable car for maintenance to the vicinity of the location.

  Heavy rain fell during the search, visibility decreased, lightning flashes and thunder, and the road was slippery, which added a certain degree of difficulty to firefighting and rescue operations.

At 19:38 that night, rescuers found 11 people trapped beside a river, and one of them was injured.

  After the heavy rain, the river was turbulent and the depth was unpredictable. The rescuers first reached the opposite bank under the protection of ropes, and then erected a rope bridge to safely transfer the trapped people on the river bank.

The injured person’s right calf was fractured and he was conscious and life-threatening. The firefighters used a folding stretcher to transfer after a simple fixation of the leg.

  Due to the high mountains and dense forests and slippery roads, the commander decided to transfer the trapped and injured people along the river.

On the way down the mountain, firefighters use a rotation system to lift the injured down the mountain.

It was not until the early morning of the 15th, after more than 8 hours of hard work, that all the trapped travellers were successfully moved to safety.

  (Reporter Huashan video source Jiangxi Shangrao Fire)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】