China News Service, May 16 According to the "Shenyang Release" Weibo news, on May 15, 2021, a new confirmed case of new coronavirus pneumonia in Shenyang City has been transferred to designated medical institutions for isolation and treatment, and the condition is stable.

By asking the patient himself and his family members, the itinerary of the confirmed case is formed as follows:

  XX, home address: Yiyuan Community, Wenhua Road, Heping District, address of work unit: No. 39, Huaxiang Road, Tiexi District.

  Self-driving from Shenyang City to Huajun Hot Spring Resort Hotel in Bayuquan District, Yingkou City at 13:30 on May 3; dinner at Liji Seafood Barbecue from 16:30 to 19:00.

  At 14:30 on May 4th, go shopping at Jinxing Shengda Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Supermarket in Xiongyue Town, near the hotel, stay for about 20 minutes, and spend the rest of the time in the hotel.

  Self-driving back to sink at 15:00 on May 5th, from May 6th to May 14th, in addition to normal commuting, I have visited the following places:

  At 15:30 on May 6, we went to Laochi’s Smoked Chicken Rack on Sanhao Street in Heping District, Jiufuji Smoked Chicken Rack on the south side of Sanhao Bridge, and then went to Vanke Xinyu Mansion in Hunnan District.

  At 9:40 on May 7th, we arrived at Vanke Xinyu Mansion in Hunnan District, and then drove to the unit; at 17:30 we went to the Xiaogutou Sheep House on Zhenxing Street, Heping District for dinner.

  Dine at Old Four Seasons (Guangrong Street Store) at noon on May 8; pick up the children at Nanning Kindergarten (General Park) in Heping District at 17:30, then dine at Yuanweizhai, Yiyiwei Road, Shenhe District; at Heping District at 18:30 Dine at the Xiaogutou Sheep House near the west gate of Zhongshan Park; at 21 o'clock go to Lanjue Mingshihui KTV, Zhujiang Street, Huanggu District to sing.

  At noon on May 9th, we ate at the Lanzhou ramen shop directly opposite the Liaoning TV station on the Wenhua Road overpass; we went to the water fishing port in Heping District at 16:30.

  At 8:30 on May 10, I drove to Shenyang Station to see my relatives; at 12:29, I had dinner at Chaoji Stew (Yanfendian).

  At noon on May 11th, we had dinner at Weidong Tang Noodle Village (Glixiang Store) near the unit.

  At 12:49 noon on May 12, I had dinner at Chaoji Stew (Yanfendian), and walked at Shenshuiwan Park at 15:30.

  Did not go out at home on May 13th.

  At 15:30 on May 14th, I went to Shenyang Station to pick up my relatives and accompany them to the emergency department of Heping Branch Hospital of the Northern War Zone General Hospital; eat at Mr. Li's Beef Noodle King (Tengfei Second Street Store) at 19:08.

  Received active screening nucleic acid test results on May 15 and was transferred to Shenyang Sixth People’s Hospital for isolation treatment.