China News Service, Beijing, May 15 (Reporter Wang Shanshan) What kind of experience is it to watch a popular movie "blindfolded"?

  On May 15, before the 31st National Day for the Disabled, a special movie was screened as usual.

On May 15, Hongdandan Film and Television Cultural Center and the Xicheng District Committee of Jiu San Society jointly screened a hot movie for the visually impaired.

(Photo by Li Xiangshan)

  "The lake is sparkling, reflecting the lights of Wanjia." "Ms. Qi slowly walked into the room in a black short-sleeved dress." "Group Leader Song raised his eyebrows."

  A gentle and intellectual female voice, while the movie is showing, is telling the image information conveyed beyond the sound.

  This is Yang Yunchen, the narrator of the Hongdandan movie, telling the movie "Sweeping Darkness·Decisive Battle".

  The audience sitting in the audience were visually impaired people from various urban areas in Beijing and volunteers from the Xicheng District Committee of the Jiu San Society.

The visually impaired carefully "listened" to this wonderful film.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shanshan)

  The Hongdandan volunteer team has explained 959 movies to the visually impaired since 2004.

The explanation teachers used simultaneous voices to describe the smiles and flowers in the movie for the visually impaired who could not feel the light and shadow.

  The realistic film told on the 15th has aroused the resonance of many audiences.

  Although it was raining in Beijing that day and the weather was not suitable for traveling, many visually impaired people who watched movies felt that this trip was worthwhile.

Volunteers are receiving pre-job training.

(Photo by He Le)

  Xiao Huanyi is a frequent visitor here, and he comes to listen to a movie about it almost every Saturday.

"The film "Above the Cliff" played last Saturday is not bad! Hey, the teacher is also good!"

  Before the film was broadcast on the 15th, Xiao Huanyi, the special representative of the old guys, thanked the Hongdandan team and the Xicheng District Committee of Jiu San Society for organizing this movie.

  "Everyone is very happy! I look forward to coming here on Saturday." Xiao Huanyi said.

Volunteers guide the visually impaired people to the theater safely from the bus stop and subway station.

(Photo by Li Xiangshan)

  May 16th is the 31st National Day for the Disabled. The theme of this year is "Consolidate the achievements of disabled persons from poverty and improve the quality of life of disabled persons".

  How to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities?

  Today, when the box office of movies is rising steadily, it is a microcosm and enlightenment to have such a "mind-eye theater" available to the visually impaired.