China News Service, Hefei, May 15 (Wu Lan, Liu Honghe, Chu Weiwei) A reporter learned from a press conference held by the Hefei Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Command Office on the 15th that as of 12:00 yesterday evening, Hefei had received a total of 2,646,600 new crown vaccines. The number of doses, of which 151,700 doses were inoculated on May 13, the highest single-day vaccination record since vaccination; 364,100 doses were inoculated on May 14, another single-day vaccination record.

  Zhang Xiaofeng, deputy director of the Hefei Municipal Health Commission, said that on the 15th, the Anhui Provincial Office of Epidemic Prevention and Control allocated a batch of vaccines to Hefei, and the overall supply of vaccines is guaranteed.

There are more than 7,100 workers in the city for vaccination and medical treatment, which can meet 300,000 people in a single day under normal circumstances.

  From 04:00 on May 14, 2021, Anhui Province reported 3 new confirmed cases, including 1 in Hefei and 2 in Lu'an.