It has been 49 years since Okinawa returned to the mainland in 15 days.

The burden on the US military base in Okinawa is still heavy, and people involved in the reversion movement at that time visited Cape Hedo in Kunigami Village, which is the northernmost tip of the mainland of Okinawa and closest to the mainland, and appealed to tourists about the severe situation.

Before the return, Cape Hedo in Kunigami Village became a place related to the return movement, as bonfires were lit with Yoron Island in Kagoshima Prefecture, which is about 20 kilometers away.

On the 15th, 49 years after the return to the mainland, people involved in the return movement visited Cape Hedo and appealed to tourists about the situation at that time and the current situation of the base burden in front of the monument.

"There are some good things, but the current situation at the base remains the same."

Shoji Yamashiro (85), a former junior high school teacher living in Nago City, continued to send letters to people all over the country asking for understanding of the current situation of Okinawa and the return to the mainland before returning, and the number has reached 2000.

Mr. Yamashiro said, "It has been 49 years since I returned, but the current situation has not changed. I want the younger generation to feel closer to the base problems and issues in Okinawa."

Kenichi Kaneshiro (76) and Hiroko (75) from Ogimi Village said that the 15th, 49 years ago, was their wedding anniversary. I come every year to get people to understand the current situation. "

Voice of removal even in front of the base without endless damage

Citizens' groups and labor unions held a rally in front of Camp Zukeran, where the US military headquarters in Okinawa is located, and appealed for the removal of the base.

Even now, 70% of USFJ facilities nationwide are concentrated in Okinawa, and there is no end to the damage caused by the base, such as the noise of military aircraft, low-flying flights, and incidents caused by soldiers.

Governor Tamaki of Okinawa Prefecture has a policy of requesting the Japanese and US governments to reduce the ratio of facilities dedicated to the US military in Okinawa to 50% or less in the nation toward the 50th anniversary of the return next year.