China News Service, Shenyang, May 15th (Reporter Gong Xu) On the evening of the 15th, Wang Ping, deputy director of the Shenyang Center for Disease Control and Prevention, made a briefing at the 35th press conference on the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia in Shenyang, Shenyang A newly confirmed case of local new coronary pneumonia in the city has been transferred to Shenyang Sixth People's Hospital for isolation and treatment.

The picture shows the scene of the press conference.

Photo by Li Xi

  Patient XX, male, 61 years old, Chinese nationality, home address: Yiyuan Community, Wenyi Road, Heping District, Shenyang City, a retired employee from Shengjing Hospital Affiliated to China Medical University. He usually works on the first floor of the Glide Campus of Shengjing Hospital. The center has its own office.

I drove 3 cars to Bayuquan on May 3 with a total of 12 people in my family, stayed at Bayuquan Huajun Hot Spring Resort, and returned to Shenyang on May 5th.

  On the evening of May 14, the Gliding District of Shengjing Hospital carried out an active nucleic acid test for employees who recently returned from Yingkou and Bayuquan. At 11:00 on May 15th, they reported that their nucleic acid test results were positive, and the Shenyang Municipal Health Commission started immediately. The transfer procedure will transfer the patient to the Sixth People’s Hospital of the city for further diagnosis and treatment.

After consultation with the provincial medical expert group, it was diagnosed as a confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia (common type).