Laura Cahen and Yelli Yelli, one girl, two daughters, mechanics and stars

Yelli Yelli (CryBaby) and Laura Cahen (Pias).

© CryBaby / Pias

By: Laurence Aloir

4 min


Yelli Yelli

presents his new album

La Violence est Mécanique

 (CryBaby 2021).

Half Kabyle, half Czech, born in the Parisian suburbs, 100% Maisons-Alfort, 200% queer,

Yelli Yelli

tells her story as a woman, a plural identity and her in-between. She is France and Algeria and neither one nor the other too. Yelli Yelli is in between where the orphan voices of memory machines are born. Yelli Yelli uprooted, hybrid and moving, sings the great story urgently to resow it.

Seed songs that bear fruit

, she seeks the dream material of the Kabylia of her ancestors to return to the colonial past of France, its bitter sweet land today.

Overflowing with words and stories, Yelli Yelli renews the creative collaboration of her 1st album with

Piers Faccini


Retired in his studio in the Cévennes, the multi-instrumentalist songwriter offers the musical envelope to the word Yelli Yelli.

This is how songs are born.

Yelli Yelli.

© Smith

But fuel remains to be found, a rhythmic engine, a pulsation of machines for the backbone of the disc.


Dj Chloé

and the conversation unfolds in a triptych, the acoustic heart remains, but the strings are covered with tender machines, electronic oscillating antennas.

The imagined tradition becomes lunar and the grandmother Kabyle dances in the sound space in cosmonaut outfit.

Yelli Yelli's word-sowing blooms in futuristic song, the soundtrack of a dystopian world in search of hope.

Yelli Yelli sings to understand and unfold temporalities and plural identities.

From the banal visible to the fantastic invisible, Yelli Yelli is a machine that roams space and time.

She walks, she protests, she calls out, she cries out for yesterday and today, for her dead and her living.

Yelli Yelli tracks played, extracts from the album

La Violence est Mécanique

Tassusmi → 

watch the clip

Freedom → 

watch the clip

Earth →

watch the clip



Laura Cahen 

presents her new and 2nd album

Une fille 

(Pias 2021) in the #SessionLive.

With her new album, Laura Cahen signs more than a second album, it's a manifesto.

For this second record, Laura has chosen to work with emeritus producer 

Dan Levy

The two of them shaped the songs for the album during confinement, locked together in a water tower in Normandy.

This album is 




 at the same time.

As a 


, Laura indulges in 


but also imagines the story of her fellow human beings.

On stage, she chooses to surround herself only with women, and the four clips accompanying the album each feature an artist.

Laura now refuses confinement.

Among his influences, Beth Gibbons, Aldous Harding, Bertrand Belin, Lhasa, Kate Bush, Alain Souchon, Björk, PJ Harvey, Anne Sylvestre… Anglo-Saxon structures, French words, endlessly renewed experiments: electronics are a perfect fit. 'pictorial writing, imbued with Laura's nineteenth-century romanticism, and its revealed timbre: 

“I was looking for a new way to envision my voice, to get to the point, to drop the artifices, remove the masks .


Laura Cahen at RFI.

© Laurence Aloir / RFI

Titles by Laura Cahen, performed in the #SessionLive

La Jetée

Live RFI →

watch the clip

Dans mon Lit

 from the album

Une Fille → 

watch the clip

The Sun Lament

Live RFI


see the clip


Live RFI → watch the clip



Fabien Mugneret


Mathias Taylor.


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