China News Service, Kunming, May 15 (Han Shuinan) On the 15th, the Ministry of Emergency Management and the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and Government held a memorial ceremony in Dali City, Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province to deeply mourn the martyr Liu Hong of the Kunming Aviation Rescue Division of the Forest Fire Bureau.

  On May 10, during a forest fire in Dashaba Mountain, Wanqiao Village, Wanqiao Town, Dali City, the fire site was cleared and the humidification operation was carried out. The helicopter of Liu Hong's crew accidentally fell into the Erhai Lake during the water intake process. Liu Hong, Li Kaitao and Liu The 4 crew members of Chao and Sun Zhongjie died unfortunately.

  At 9:30, the event officially began. The audience stood in silence and paid a silent tribute to express deep remembrance to the dead heroes.

  Shan Yuguang, secretary of the Party Committee and political commissar of the Forest Fire Bureau of the Emergency Management Department, read out the "Approval of the Approval of Liu Hong and Other 4 Comrades as Martyrs" from the Political Department of the Emergency Management Department.

  Xu Ping, member of the Party Committee of the Emergency Management Department and Director of the Forest Fire Bureau, delivered a eulogy saying that for the benefit of the party and the people, the four martyrs have dedicated their beautiful years to the emergency rescue cause and integrated their unrepentant youth into the blue sky of the motherland. The heroic of the four martyrs Sacrifice is a huge loss for the national aviation emergency rescue force, and it is also a huge loss for the forest firefighting team.

Xu Ping said, "Every time you take off is to protect the green waters and mountains of the motherland and to protect the lives and property of the people. We feel extremely sad for the loss of such an excellent comrade in arms, and we feel that we have fought side by side with you. pride."

  Wang Xiangang, deputy governor of the People’s Government of Yunnan Province, said that facing the test of blood and fire, life and death, the four martyrs took the responsibility of protecting forest resources and ecological security, and safeguarding the lives and property of the people, writing with their lives, and practicing with loyalty. oath.

"Cangshan and Erhai will always be engraved with the names of the four heroes Liu Hong, Li Kaitao, Liu Chao, and Sun Zhongjie. The 48 million people of Yunnan will always remember the sacrifices and dedication of the martyrs." Wang Xiangang said.

  Xu Erfeng, member of the Party Committee of the Emergency Management Department and Director of the Political Department, said in his speech that it is necessary to learn from the heroes, learn from their political character of keeping in mind the leaders’ entrustment and always loyal to the party, and learn from their bloody courage to take the disaster as an order to go through fire and water and charge ahead. Learn that they dare to take responsibility, practice hard, and resolutely take up the mission and responsibility of the first generation of entrepreneurs in plateau aviation emergency rescue, learn from their noble feelings of giving up their homes, serving everyone, with great love, and dedicated to the people.

  At the end of the mourning ceremony, the "Missing Song" sounded at the scene. Leaders at all levels, the families of the martyrs, and representatives of cadres and the masses from all walks of life held flowers and presented flowers to the martyrs in turn to express their sorrow.