The problem that the "All Japan Private Kindergarten Association" has unclear how to use the funds of about 400 million yen.

Even a public interest incorporated foundation of an affiliated organization, despite repeated improper deposits and withdrawals of assets of 140 million yen, overlooked it in the audit for two years and submitted a report with contents that are different from the facts to the Cabinet Office. I found out that I was doing it.

The public interest incorporated foundation has applied to the Cabinet Office for the cancellation of the public interest certification, saying that it is necessary to rebuild the organization.

At the "All Japan Private Kindergarten Federation," which has about 7,500 private kindergartens nationwide, about 400 million yen of funds became unclear in the four years up to last year. I have filed a criminal complaint on suspicion of embezzlement.

The former secretary-general also managed the account of the public interest incorporated foundation "All Japan Private Kindergarten Early Childhood Education and Research Organization", but this organization also managed the account without the approval of the board of directors stipulated in the articles of incorporation. It was newly found that improper deposits and withdrawals of assets of 140 million yen were repeated.

According to the people concerned, 140 million yen was withdrawn in cash by the end of 2018 = the end of March, and the basic property had been in short supply for about a year. It means that deposits and withdrawals were repeated, and the full amount was returned just before the audit of the financial results for the first year of Reiwa, which was conducted in November last year.

However, during the accounting audits in FY2018 and the first year of Reiwa, the lawyers in charge overlooked improper deposits and withdrawals without checking the bank account passbook and balance certificate, and said, "Violation of the Articles of Incorporation. It means that he had submitted to the Cabinet Office an audit report and a statement of income and expenditure that differed from the fact that "no serious facts were found."

This group was requested by the Public Interest Commission of the Cabinet Office to report the facts, and on the 11th of this month, the Cabinet Office said that it was necessary to rebuild the organization so that it could operate properly. I applied for the cancellation of public interest certification.

According to the people concerned, when checking the record of deposits and withdrawals, there is evidence that funds were repeatedly transferred between this group, the kindergarten federation, and the related group "All Japan Private Kindergarten PTA Federation". That is.

Former Executive Secretary "Instructions of the former Chairman" Former Chairman "Not involved"

The former secretary-general explained to the internal investigation of the Early Childhood Education and Research Organization that "everything was done under the direction of former president of the Kindergarten Federation, Kagawa."

On the other hand, former chairman Kagawa told NHK in March that "I am not involved."

Shuichi Ake, who became the new chairman of the Early Childhood Education and Research Organization after the discovery of fraud, said, "It is very regrettable that governance was lacking, and the cancellation of public interest certification is a feeling of severance. I would like to take it seriously and continue the business as a general incorporated foundation with the feeling of starting over. "

What is a "public interest incorporated foundation"?

"Public Interest Incorporated Foundation" is an organization established for the purpose of promoting the profits of an unspecified number of people by conducting business such as academics, education, and sports.

In order to become a public interest incorporated foundation, it is necessary to meet strict standards such as public interest and governance stipulated by law, and if approved by a committee of experts established by the Cabinet Office and prefectures, tax incentives can be received. I can do it.

Public interest incorporated foundations are required to submit property lists and audit reports to the Cabinet Office every year in order to ensure the transparency of business operations, but if there is a suspicion that they do not meet the standards and violate the law, the Cabinet Office The government, etc. can issue "recommendations" and "orders" to request corrections, and in some cases, cancel the public interest certification.

If there is an application for revocation of public interest certification, the certification will be revoked.

What is "All Japan Private Kindergarten Early Childhood Education and Research Organization"?

The "All Japan Private Kindergarten Early Childhood Education and Research Organization" was established in February 2006 with a 100 million yen fund from the Kindergarten Federation for the purpose of research and research on early childhood education and improvement of educational ability. It is a foundation.

According to the business plan, etc., as the main business, in addition to conducting courses for renewing teachers' licenses in each prefecture with the approval of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the directors of kindergartens and certified children's institutes nationwide, etc. We are conducting training for children.

In addition, since 2010, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has been entrusted with research on various themes every year, and last year, about 8 million yen for research on desirable guidance for infants with disabilities. Was spent.

The Articles of Incorporation of the organization stipulate that "you must endeavor to maintain and manage the basic property properly, and if you intend to dispose of a part of it, you must first approve the board of directors and the board of councilors."