Aerospace breeding or aerospace seedling breeding is the use of the "Chang'e 5" Earth-moon shuttle experience of space high-energy radiation, microgravity, high vacuum and other space comprehensive environmental factors to induce genetic mutations in plant seeds or seedlings, with a view to selecting the flowering period after returning to the ground It is a new variety that is elongated, rich in flower and color, diverse in leaf shape and color, and even resistant to cold and drought.

The space breeding project breaks the traditional breeding bottleneck and solves the technical problems of artificial scale cultivation of Cypripedium.

  According to Liu Yongjie, Manager of China Urban and Rural Beilin Technology Marketing Department, the "Space Flower" exhibited during the Shenyang City Expo this time is a Paphiopedilum Aerospace selected by Beijing Linda Forestry Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Communications Construction and China Urban and Rural. Breeding and space seedlings of rose flowers being bred in test tubes.

(Wang Yilin)

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