[Explanation] On May 14, the "Jiangsu Macau Week" kicked off at the Dacheng Hall Square of the Confucius Temple in Nanjing during the passionate Portuguese folk dance.

  [Commentary] Portuguese folk dance scene

  [Concurrent] Dancer Gao Xianxian

  For this event, we sent 16 to 18 members to join us. Our costumes are traditional Portuguese folk dance costumes, because girls will wear some goldware to set off festive costumes.

During the festival, the costumes worn by farmers (at that time) when they had a good harvest, came to celebrate the meaning of the event.

  [Explanation] Macau's tourism, commerce, culture, cultural and creative, sports, entertainment and other characteristic elements are also displayed on the spot, including Macau's intangible cultural heritage, sports events, commercial economy and so on.

During the event, many cultural and creative products with Macao elements were also presented wonderfully.

  [Concurrent] Exhibitor Xu Qibei

  We brought a lot of products from Macao cultural and creative industries. There are 26 brands and more than 1,000 SKUs to show up and meet with the citizens of Nanjing.

For example, there are some Macau elements on our clothes, our snacks also use intangible heritage buildings to make some packaging designs, and we also have very famous souvenirs from Macau, which use our Portuguese style. Some of the floral decorations are used in our daily necessities.

  [Explanation] "Jiangsu Macau Week" meets "2021 China Qinhuai 666 International Consumer Festival", bringing different experiences to the people of Jiangsu and Macau, and they can experience the consumption feast of the integration of business, travel and culture in the two places.

It is reported that during this "Jiangsu Macau Week", Macau lion and dragon dances, Macau tourism mascot "Mai Mai" and others will take turns to interact with tourists and showcase the charm of Macau's multiculturalism.

  Reporter Ge Yong reports from Nanjing, Jiangsu

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】