On May 11, the Information Office of the People’s Government of Dali City, Yunnan Province notified that at about 10:20 am on May 10, 2021, a forest fire in Dashaba Mountain, Wanqiao Village, Wanqiao Town, Dali City will be cleared and humidified. In the case of a helicopter accidentally crashing into the Erhai Lake during the process of taking water, Dali Prefecture and the city quickly activated emergency plans and organized maritime, fire, medical and other rescue teams to carry out rescue work.

  After preliminary verification, there were 4 crew members in the helicopter that crashed into Erhai Lake.

Through on-site search and rescue, at 11:40 and 15:15 on May 10th, two crew members were searched and rescued successively, and died after being rescued by the scene and the hospital.

Through overnight search and rescue, at about 02:55 on May 11, two other crew members were found, and they were confirmed by the on-site medical emergency personnel to have no vital signs.

  At present, the aftermath work is in full swing.

The cause of the plane's fall is under investigation.

(Main station CCTV reporter Li Changming)