China News Service, Beijing, May 14 (Xu Jing Chen Hang) The Beijing Book Fair will open in Chaoyang Park on May 14, 2021.

With the theme of "A Century of New Journey, Adding Book Rhyme to Beijing", this year's book fair has set up nearly 500 booths in nine exhibition areas. The exhibition will last for 11 days and end on May 24.

  This year's Beijing Book Fair is sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and undertaken by Beijing Publishing Group.

The main venue covers an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters, and consists of nine exhibition areas: the theme exhibition area, the theme release area, the physical bookstore street, the time ancient bookstore, the creative life gathering, the fashion trend play area, the tasting leisure area, the Houlang parent-child area and the cultural and creative garden fair. A total of nearly 500 booths were set up.

Fully gather the resources of the publishing and distribution industry, cooperate with publishing organizations, physical bookstores, and cultural and creative enterprises, use new technologies, composite new content, create new models, accurately target the people’s growing demand for a better life, and provide a culture full of culture for the citizens of the capital Sense of participation, sense of experience, full focus, and always wonderful cultural feast.

On the 13th, the 2021 Beijing Book Fair Media Conference was held in Chaoyang Park.

Photo by Tian Yuhao

  5G technology empowers new scenes of red reading

  2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Guo Xiaoming, chairman of Beijing Publishing Group Co., Ltd., introduced at the press conference on the 13th that this year's book fair will introduce the theme of "Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China" in the theme exhibition area of ​​the book fair this year. Classical Gifts Centennial-Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China" Theme Publication Exhibition, "A New Journey for a Hundred Years of Struggle" 5G Red Classic Reading, Party History Study and Education Theme Publication Exhibition, Beijing 100th Anniversary Red Book Exhibition, " Taste Beijing's Inheritance of Red Culture-2021 Taste Beijing" Fine Book Fair, Great Journey Photo Exhibition and Winter Olympics Cultural and Creative Exhibition, etc., with rich forms and diverse experience of red classic theme content, making this book fair a "party's festival and people's festival" "It has become a special cultural event full of positive energy and promoting the main theme.

  He introduced that Beijing Publishing Group also joined the National Museum of China to organize the "Great Journey-Illustrated Book of the History of the Communist Party of China" in the second half of the main exhibition hall to inherit the red gene and promote the red culture, and systematically exhibit the centenary of the founding of the party in this book fair. Since then, a large number of precious historical pictures from various stages of the revolution have provided the capital citizens with high-quality party history study and education activities, so that the party history study can better "understand the mind."

  In addition, Beijing Publishing Group, CITIC Publishing Group, China Map Publishing Group, Beijing Publishing Creative Industry Park have appeared in the main theme exhibition area, focusing on reviewing the red classics, remembering the martyrs, inheriting the revolutionary spirit, and promoting patriotism, and carefully set up themed exhibitions. Form a rich theme linkage.

  This theme exhibition area also uses 5G technology to empower new reading scenes, creating a "5G red classic reading" area, through VR party building workstations, media mobile newspapers, video ring back tones, AI reading, 5G+4K ultra-high-definition video and other new technologies and new technologies. Thinking and new media merge the main melody, develop new reading styles, attract and encourage readers to devote themselves and immerse themselves in red classic reading.

Hundreds of conference venues throughout the city advocate trendy life

  Guo Xiaoming introduced that the 2021 book market will grasp the principle of non-relaxed epidemic prevention and control, and launch the "1+N" model, including but not limited to the Chaoyang Park home stadium, and linking the city’s physical bookstores, cultural parks, and district-level libraries to build one The main venue + the "Beijing Book Fair" with 100 sub-venues attracts and facilitates the participation of more people in the surrounding communities, and stimulates and leads more readers and players to communicate and interact.

Among them, the "Beijing Book Fair" tide shop tour invites hundreds of characteristic bookstores, the most beautiful bookstores, and boutique bookstores in the city to participate, presenting the site logo of the Beijing Book Fair, forming a scale effect of Beijing Book Fair spreading across the city, and enhancing the influence of book fair activities; As the main branch venue, there will also be a trendy stationery exhibition during the book fair, bringing together major brands of stationery, trendy toys, cultural and creative products and other trendy and interesting products that lead new lifestyles, inviting readers to enjoy the branch venue.

  Guo Xiaoming said that in order to allow readers and book lovers to enjoy the fun of buying books at the Beijing Book Fair, the Beijing Publishing Group exhibits a 20% discount on fine books in the exhibition area. There are many antique books in Chinese bookstores, and the discounts are gratifying.

Exhibitors at other booths also introduced books and favorites at affordable prices.

In addition, Beijing Publishing Group also provides readers with heart-warming services such as book delivery, express delivery services, dedicated reception for group agency customers, and green book purchase channels for special groups with limited mobility.

  It is understood that Chaoyang Park now implements a comprehensive ticket-free service, and realizes electronic scanning management, orderly security inspection, and full-time security services. The general public only needs to take personal protection and make an online appointment to go to the book market in peace.