To return from Bahrain, Colombia, Costa Rica or Uruguay to France, you will now have to go through a mandatory quarantine.

This is what Matignon indicated this Friday morning, taking into account the epidemic situation on the coronavirus front in these countries, as well as the spread of variants.

The government fears "a risk of increased transmissibility or vaccine escape" on the part of travelers returning from these countries.

These four territories are not the first to see these reinforced rules imposed. Matignon recalls that India, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, South Africa have been concerned since April 24 and Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey and Pakistan since May 8. Sixteen countries in total are therefore now concerned. The measures will come into force on Sunday for the four new countries.

Concretely, as for all non-EU countries, the list of valid reasons for traveling to France is reduced to compelling family and professional reasons for French or European Union nationals, as well as their spouses and partners. children.

Once you arrive in France, you must respect a ten-day isolation, controlled by the police.

As for travelers returning from other high-risk countries, the police may unexpectedly check their presence at their quarantine location and impose a fine of 1,000 to 1,500 euros in their absence.

The instructions relating to the tests to be done before and after arrival have been reinforced.


France extends mandatory quarantine to enter its territory to seven countries including Turkey


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